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i write thif for whom has already appreciated magewars as a game wel the great thing of expansions is that they increase exponentialy the replaiability value of this game u can forge youre own strategy and mecchanics feel alwais natural and never EVER odd.
in this expansion we have force master wich could ressemble to a jedi , yes a super cool *** kicking jedi with his own force blade sche pusches and pulls things trough the arena.
the other mage is the warlord who focuses on building barracs sledge hammers and summoning hords of goblins and supporting them with his spells and commands

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marvellous game if you are a magic the gathering fan this is the game for you , it gives that tcg feel plus you get strategy and miniature game blends is really cool.I can’t wait to purchase an expansion to se how much more exponential variability it will get .
the only down side is that it is indeed a game more suited for hardcore gamers , quite long and quite difficoult to learn ( if u have’nt ever played mTg) otherwise is a must buy !!

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Small World

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is a bautifull game no way you can’t deny it , it takes u in and gets u adicted; one of the best features is the replay-ability u gain thanks to the combination of different races and combopowers, powers and dynamics are really well studied and the game flows easily and neatly

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is a wonderfull game , really strategy oriented( the first time i played it took me a lot before i realized the gameing strategies that suited me) as even in the starter pack u’ve got 25 kingdom cards it has a really incredible playability cause you’re gona play only with 10 out of 25 of theese kingdom cards and with the expansions sets it gets even better , althought i don’t like all of the expansions(love intrigue and alchemy).
the choices u make during the game are really gonna to make u win or lose the game.
the only thing that i did’nt like that much was the art and illustration that i found a little too old stile for me

definatly one of the most interesting games around

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