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Space Alert: The New Frontier - Board Game Box Shot

Space Alert: The New Frontier

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The New Frontier contains several new expansions for Space Alert. These can be used individually or in combination to provide variety, challenge, and new modes of play.

New Threats
Looking for foes with new powers? These threats phase in and out of reality, hide behind megashields, or fry your crew with plasma weapons.

Red Threats
Looking for more danger? The red threats include colossally large ships, cunning intruders, and all manner of dirty tricks.

Double Actions
Have you mastered the art of efficient planning? Double action cards allow you two actions per turn. And you will need those extra actions if you fly the missions on the new CD.

How would you like to launch two rockets at once? Or keep an injured crewmate conscious? Or repair damage to your ship in flight? Specializations give your crew more ways to heroically save the ship.

Experience System
Would you like to track your space exploration career? The experience system allows you to record your greatest feats, while rewarding you with new skills.

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“Where no man has gone before (well and lived to tell about)”

I’m not going to describe what Space Alert is all about since this is just an expansion. If you want to find out about Space Alert I suggest checking the reviews about the core game. This expansion builds on the “story” that the original game describes in both the handbook and rulebook.

Expansion Additions:
~New Threats-Comes with new white and yellow threats as well as very hard red threats
~New Abilities-Phasing allows threats to leave our dimension every other turn. Plasmatic ships can incapacitate your crew in one shot. Carriers send smaller fighters to attack your Sitting Duck. Megashields explain themselves. Polarized threats have stronger defense against laser. Jumping threats change their trajectory on approach. Some threats are so large they span all three trajectories. Other threats can call in additional threats to attack your ship.
~New Action Cards- The new cards have a double action side that allows players to do two things on the same turn.
~Variable Range Interceptors-Now when you play a “C” action in the interceptors you move farther away from the ship
~New Missions-Comes with a CD that has 2 easy missions and 4 standard missions
~Specializations-Included are 10 special jobs, such as Rocketeer, Medic, Pulse Gunner, Medic and Teleporter, that have both basic and advanced action cards that can give you bonuses for certain actions or unique abilities.
~Experience System-easy enough, you gain experience for completing missions, destroying and surviving threats, and completing achievements
~Crew Badges-Each role from the base game now has a special badge to go with it; however these can also be used for whatever you’d like.

My Thoughts:
I am normally hesitant when it comes to expansions of board games and the same can be said for this one. However, after seeing the ratings that New Frontiers was receiving and taking into account that the core game is amazing I decided to picked it up. I have no regrets about this purchase because of the level of depth, replay ability, and customization it creates for the game. The specializations really personalize the experience to level much more advanced than the core game’s roles (Captain, Communication Officer, etc.). With all new missions and threats to add to the mix no two games will ever be the same. The achievements also give players an incentive to change their play style from game to game as well as something to look forward to even in defeat. The experience system has that role playing aspect that sucks players in and makes them feel even closer to the action.

~Tons of Replay-With all the new additions and choices available for game play this expansion adds infinite replay potential
~Experience System-This gives the game an RPG feel that will make the game more attractive to a larger audience
~New Missions and Threats- If you’re tired of or have mastered the original you now have new challenges to face.

~There are no scenario cards for the new missions. These have to be downloaded from CGE’s website.
~All though I appreciate Vlaada Chvatil’s format for his rulebooks others may see it as unnecessarily long and at times confusing.

If you are a fan of Space Alert this is a must have. If you are someone on the fence about Space Alert this is a must have as well. Everything that this expansion adds to the core game increases depth, replay ability, and customization for a countless amount of new experiences.


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