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Defenders of the Realm: Hero Expansion #3 - Board Game Box Shot

Defenders of the Realm: Hero Expansion #3

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4 New Heroes with matching character cards, and 6 new Global Effects cards to add to the Darkness Spreads deck - creating more challenges for the players to face.

defenders of the realm hero expansion

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“The latest expansion”

This set adds 4 new characters(bringing the total to 21 characters) and another pack of randomized event cards. The 1st expansion strengthened your fighters, the second strengthened your support character possibilities, this set seems to focus on mobility and increasing your card use flexibility and by that I mean that as a whole these characters can build up hands of cards for attacking the generals a little quicker. Again, this set is not useable without the base game. Here are the characters: FELINE- If she is on a location with other heroes once per game round she can “shadow” a hero, that is move with them if they move on foot or by horse. More importantly, if she is on a space with a general she can use this ability to move with them if they move, every time they move, so the generals cannot get away from her. She also gets to reroll all combat 1s rolled the first time she rolls them and this does not cost an action. SEEKER- At the start of her turn she draws the top Darkness Spreads card and reveals it so she knows what the first bad event happening at the end of her turn will be. She only draws the 1st card even during mid and late war. Additionally, she may use any purple cards as battle luck cards(reroll all failed dice in an attack) and she may use the dice the special(purple) cards can be used for as if they were wild cards-so she can use them to attack any general not just the ones they are allocated to. Finally, she may spend an action to scatter all minions on a location she is at to adjacent locations, although she cannot use this ability if a general is present at her location. SHAMAN- The Shaman starts as a human but once per turn may shift into a bear or wolf or back to human when in animal form. When he shifts to bear he automatically heals one wound and he may reroll all dice(successes and failures) once per combat. When he shifts to wolf form he may move up to 2 spaces per action and will take no wounds(except fear) from minions if he ends his turn on a green location. The Shaman may not enter Monarch City or an Inn while in animal form, but may shift while at those locations. Shifting is a free action. In human form he may also spend an action to eliminate all minions on a location he is at, but must roll 1 die, if it is an odd number he taints the location. THIEF- May draw 1 extra hero card at end of turn for each adjacent location with 3 minions or a general on it., however, if the card drawn matches the color of the location that caused it to be drawn the Thief takes 1 wound. When she draws the 1st darkness spreads card at end of her turn she draws 2 and chooses 1 that will happen, the other one is discarded or put back on top of the deck, her choice. Additionally, she gets to reroll any failed combat die rolls once per combat if she is on a treasure chest. This ability may be used against generals. Finally, if she defeats 2 or minions in a single combat roll she immediately draws a bonus Hero card.
There you have it. These characters when mixed in with the others will give you the ability to focus on attacking the genrals quicker and hopefully winning thw game more often. Good Luck.

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“An interesting expansion with interesting additions”

This is the 3rd hero expansion to Defenders of the Realm.

As usual, the expansion comes with 4 new heroes, and a bunch of global effect cards.

The new heroes in this expansion are: The shaman, the thief, Feline, and The seeker.

The Shaman, is perhaps, one of the strongest and interesting character in this game. He can shapeshift, between a human, a bear and a wolf. When he is in his human form, a shaman can attack any location and defeat all minions there, but by doing so, he also has a chance of tainting the location. When he is in his wolf form, he can travel 2 spaces per action and takes no damage if he ends his turn in a green location. Finally, when he is in his bear form, he can re-roll any failed die. The thief is a very thematic character, her special abilities are focused on drawing more cards, but she is not a very strong character. The feline is not very good at combat, but can be very fun to play. She can travel with a hero or a general with having to spend action tokens, and if she gains one action token back whenever she defeats 2 minions.. Finally the seeker, she is a very powerful character if used correctly. She can look at the next darkness spread card, allowing the player to plan ahead during his/her turn. The seeker also has an amazing ability where she can turn all purple cards into wild cards in turns of general combat, so she can use any purple cards against any generals.

Overall, this is a solid expansion, I especially like the shaman hero.

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“Round Gamers Play again”

Well tonight we dragged out one of our favorite games and one my wife loves to play Defenders of the Realm. Now as the members of the round gamers we started out eating my wives fresh baked chocolate chip cookies to get us ready to play. They were still warm out of the oven and really really very good. The night was already a good night.
We started as we normally do as each player was dealt two random heroes and you picked one of them and here is the starting heroes

Captain of the Guard-Frank

As a little back round about the round gamers, we are 3-6 vs. defenders of the realm, and 1-5 against the dragon only game. So we decided to just play the normal game today.

The game started out a little strange for us as only Frank was happy with his quest and moved on it. Debbie fulfilled her only quest on the last turn of the game, John never finished a quest and Mike Failed to make the rolls on his two attempts leaving Frank and the only member to complete any quests and he got one that let him stop a general from moving and the other moved two heroes to his location.

Early War

The game saw all of us moving around the board looking into our quests but only Frank managed anything early, and the rest of us seemed to be hunting orc’s as they continued to grow on us. John as the seeker looking at the top darkness spread card at the start of his turn keep moving to keep the taint off the board by killing the spots the minions would appear. Mike move a failed his first quest and Debbie was killing whatever needed killing. This was starting to get out of hand as three of the evil general’s had started to close on Monarch City and we had a plot card that let us only draw one hero card each turn. Before we knew it Gorgutt and Varkolak were one move away from Monarch city and we had very few attack cards. Debbie, Frank and Mike had a combined ten dice against Varkolak while John had no black cards at all so they took the shot. Frank lead the charge and Mike rolled next and of course and normally happens with our group Debbie had to clean up the rolls and finished off Varkolak.

Middle War

After the battle with Varkolak we still had Gorgutt one move away from Monarch City and Balazarg along with Sapphires two spaces away.
We looked at our quests and cards we noticed that Debbie had nine dice against Sapphire which included a couple of purple cards. The group looked at everything and decided that we would take a few minutes and eat some more cookies and then Debbie would attack Sapphire alone and the other three would go for Gorgutt.
We only had six taint on the board, but our danger was we were almost out of Orc minions. Mike cleared out a couple of green minions and moves into the space with Gorgutt and cleared it for the rest of us. We took a scare here when the second darkness spread was drawn and it was an Orc patrol and that would take us out of green minions when I reminded everyone that the general was the only thing to move on the second draw and that saved us for the moment.
Frank then moved into Gorgutts spot and Debbie moved against Sapphire. Debbie rolls very good dice but it took all nine of hers before she finished off Sapphire.
John now moved to Gorgutt’s location and attacked. With my normally bad rolls I let both Mike (five Dice) and Frank (four Dice) to roll against him. They left Gorgutt with two hits remaining and I had five dice. I rolled the two hits and no ones so Gorgutt goes down. We take our bonus cards and prepare for the wars end.

Late War

The late war starts with Balazarg moving again and is now only one pace away from Monarch City. Our brave heroes shout out for the glory of our king and move to Balazarg’s location. Not wanting to give the evil general any change to move. Debbie plays a special Purple card that lets her look at the top five cards of the darkness spreads deck and can either discard them or put them in any order. This was a game saver as two of the cards had Balazarg moving into Monarch City, which of course she discarded.
That play alone let Debbie take her turn get into Balazarg’s location and clear out the two minions that were there. Mike takes his turn and defeats a couple more green Orc Minions and moves to Balazarg location. His darkness spread cards don’t hurt us but adds a taint for a total of eight. Franks takes his turn killing three undead minions before arriving at Balazarg’s location. Darkness spreads has us placing two Orc minions that will cause an overrun and not enough Orc minions left GASP!!! John to the rescue as he has a purple card that cancels the placement of one set of minions. The rest of the darkness spreads are non factors.
John’s turn he moves in and challenges Balazarg who will be the victor? Mike Rolls four dice, then Frank rolls three Dice and Debbie rolls three dice and look here Balazarg has two hits remaining and John has four dice, but a reroll as well. He rolls the dice and gets…………………three hits, what’s this John getting three out of four hits that never happens. We save the realm, let the feasts begin. We start eating more cookies

What a great game is was and a nice victory for us, we have now won four out of then games or 40% .
Thanks Debbie for the Great Chocolet Chic cookies


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