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The game is fun enough if you break the spirit of the communication rules. My biggest problem is that the art is too similar. We often find this a bar or restaurant game fav but in less than pristine lighting it is very hard to tell Suits apart. The little bomb chits are hard to see as well. I here the deluxe version uses tiles and there is an oversized version that has a rack Sotheby’s annoying part of holding the cards up all night while trying to sip your drink are eliminated. It is definitely party game only. There are just so many better party/ deduction games out there.

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Eldritch Horror

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I’m a fan of many Lovecraft mythos games – Arkham Horror,Call of Chulthu, Witches of Salem, Mansions of Madness, etc.. But, one major problem with many of these is that they are insanely long to play; requiring 6-8 hours of inflicting dark suffering onto your gaming partners. Folks just don’t want to spend that amount of time on a co-op game and I rarely get a chance to pull these out.

Eldritch horror condenses the play-time and expands the chaos to cover the world. We were able to finish a first play in 2 hours of theme-packed adventure.

EH also addresses the randomness of Arkham by a new system of lingering effects and progressive mysteries and actions. The mythos deck is also constructed in three progressive phases that draw on more difficult card combinations as players progress.

This replaces Arkham for me as it carries all the theme is a more condensed playtime. Now, I can spend my few epic scale board game plays on pulling out TI3 or something else instead. And I can get my horror gaming in to a regular game group event.

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