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I know normally people save their opinion till the end but I couldn’t hold out on telling you Sentinels of the multiverse is not only my favorite co-op game ever but the best game in my collection. All the praise it has received is for good reason my group of core friends always wants to play and it is highly repayable with the fear of not always winning. I only review games I think are fun. So onto a bit about the game and how it plays.

At first glance SOTM is easy pick a hero, Pick a villain, and pick and environment. Then you move to set up shuffle your decks draw your cards then start the villain turn they always go first flip a card from there deck then play its effects on the wood-bee supers heroes. After your done taking your shellacking from your over powered villain choose what hero will go first then rotate clockwise taking turns playing powers or buffs than can sometimes help protect you or your teammates. After everyone has played one card and used one power from their hero which is indicated on the cards they then flip a card from the environment deck which really can cause a world of hurt most of these cards are not a benefit but rather a large monkey wrench of doom in your well oiled hero machine. This game is deep and rich with strategy and working well with your team and keep this in mind you can have 4 heroes but if they aren’t a good mix your chances of winning go down so be warned. With all this said still the best game for your money with awesome expansions.

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Ok I don’t know where to really know where to begin other than to say I kind of love this game for several reasons and I know I am supposed to be giving you a review but I just had to state how simple yet wonderful a device this game is.
Let me start by saying the only components in the whole game is your basic rules card and your deck. Game-play follows as the title states it is in a constant Fluxx your basic rules card tells you to pick up a card then play a card sounds simple right? Well it is but it also isn’t. The games objective is to be the first to complete a goal which can be changed just by playing a new one the games rules also constantly change as players place down new rules card to change aspects of the game . I found this game to be a fast paced fun mildly strategic party game that only gets better with beer. Enjoy the Fluxx

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Ok so lets start this off with my opinion on this game. Visually it is stunning all the components are so well made and fit so perfectly. The real joy was opening up the instruction manual because it is just incredible with it’s easy to read rules and easy step by step set up of the gameboard. I really enjoyed the resource building and how the intrigue cards allow you play against or help certain players out. Ok so now on to a more detailed breakdown of the game and it’s mechanics. I must warn you all this is my first Euro-Game resource builder.

Gameplay is based on several components but that can be very deep but we break it down into simple parts. The game is round based concluding after eight rounds with the winner being the person to collect the most victory points (VP). VP is collected or won by completing quests. The game is played through agents which are pieces you control that allow you to build new buildings with special effects as well as gain new adventures to complete quests, gain gold, gain new quests, and play your intrigue cards. The game round starts with player one who is represtented by the person holding the castle piece. You and your fellow players alternate taking turns placing agents on the board to gain one of the items I spoke about above. after you place an agent on the board if you have the requirments needed to complete a quest you may do so. the round plays out that way till no players have anymore agents when that happens the round ends you collect your agents back and the next round begins. Simply put play an agent complete a quest. It may sound easy but the strategy is very deep because your going to constantly be planning your next move to complete the most quests or gain the most advantage. In addition to your quests, agents, gold, and intrigue cards you have a lord card who is not only the persona your playing but they will offer you bonus VP for completing certain types of quests. You keep your Lord a secret till the end so that way players don’t try to eat up all the quest cards you need.

quest cards
intrigue cards
lord cards
guild play mat
guild markers
VP Marker
VP gems

In closing I hope you enjoy this game as much as I am starting to and I hope my breakdown helps you if your on the fence about buying it.

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22 out of 28 gamers thought this was helpful

Totally love this game but it really takes some time to get it from the box to the table. set up is a bit long and all the rules feel overwhelming at first. The game runs super smooth once you get down all the rules and set up one of my favorite games that I own. I have not been playing long and can only tell you my experience thus far.

Ok when you open the box it looks like a lot of cards but you won’t play with all of them. first is your random set up there are a group of textless cards that let you select what your game will look like everytrhing from your adventuring party to your your village items that you can buy. you start the game with a deck built from some basic cards that are featured in every match. you get the basic mailtia hero a torch and iron ration and a dagger.

you then can take these cards and sell them for reusable gold each turn in the village to purchase new cards for your deck or go to the dungeoun and battle monsters to earn victory points which is the key to winning the game.

I kbow it dose not sound very hard but it has lots of depth because you can only draw six cards a turn and your not always going to get the best combination of cards to battle monsters with so you must think out stratigally what cards to add to your deck that will make an inpact and hopefully allow you to hit the dungeoun a whole lot more than staying in town.

The game visually is beautiful and is really fast paced I cannot stop playing and I hope you won’t either

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