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Mint Works - Board Game Box Shot

Mint Works


Mint Works is a light and straight forward worker placement game. Its compact size makes it easy to put in your pocket and take it anywhere. Its simple rules make it easy to introduce new players to the genre of worker placement.

During the game each player will have a limited amount of Mint Tokens, which represent their workers.

Players will use these mint tokens to earn more tokens, take first player or buy and build plans.

Plans are how players earn points. Some plans will only give points, others will give extra powers to the owner.

Once any player has at least 7 points earned (or if there are not enough plans to refill the stock) the end of the game is triggered. The game will then be over at the end of the current round.

Whoever has the most points provided by plans they have built wins!

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“Very portable work replacement game that is a lot of fun!”

Mint works is a light work replacement game that can be brought and played pretty much anywhere. I recently just got back from backpacking through Europe, and this game was the #1 time filler for pretty much anywhere we went. The game itself fits inside a small tin can, I assume to mimic the size of an Altoid can, and the tokens all look like little Altoids. It’s easy to teach and easy to learn, if a person has not played any work replacement games before, this is a good one to help them understand the mechanics of how a work replacement game works. This is easily my go to travel game and I look forward to the new game this company has created called Mint Delivery.


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