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Bootleggers (Second Edition) - Board Game Box Shot

Bootleggers (Second Edition)

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It is the time of the speakeasy and bath tub gin... It is the time of the BOOTLEGGERS!

In Bootleggers, players will find themselves slipping into a very thematic experience as they produce and sell moonshine in the early twentieth century. Using a vast array of plastic gangsters and trucks, players must attempt to use their muscle cards to take the best action cards and control the speakeasies. With treachery, backstabbing, alliances, and more, Bootleggers forces players to use their resources wisely. It's a good thing to produce a lot of moonshine at the distilleries; but too much will bring the police down on your business, and hired thugs might steal your trucks or worse! Bootleggers is a combination of good mechanics with a healthy dose of American theme for a fun, rewarding experience.

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“Go back to the roaring 20s and sell your goods to get around prohibition”

Card drafting
Place members of your gang in speakeasy
Production of booze in stills
Ship Whiskey to speakeasy
Get paid by speakeasy
Chance of still getting raided by the Copper

A round consists of :

Drawing from a row of cards containing 1 truck card and 1 Men of Action card for each player in the game.

The person who played the muscle card goes first and so on until all players have selected a Men of Action card or truck card.
Muscle cards are used for bidding for Truck and Men of Action cards during the Muscle phase and also for resolving priority conflicts in all other phases. Prices vary based on the number: for example, cards numbered 1-12 cost $0 to play, 13-27 cost $1G, 28-45 cost $2G, etc. Cards are divided into 4 subdecks (1-18, 19-36, 37-54, 55-72) with unique faces per subdeck, but identical backs.

Men of Action cards can improve still production, build secondary stills , Improve speakeasy or Be general Thug cards that effect everything in the game.

Place members of your gang in speakeasy:
Then you place your influence markers(mobsters) in speakeasy. If a speakeasy has all the shaded placeholders covered by Influence markers it is open for operation and cans be sold

Who gets to sell is determined by who has the most Mobsters located at each speakeasy.
See rules at for more details.

Production of booze in stills:
Roll still production dice to determine how much whisky is produced this round. You can sell extra whisky to other players or store it your warehouse until the next round. The most profit is to deliver it to a speakeasy and get paid for it but there will be risks involved in doing this.

Ship Whiskey to speakeasy:
The bigger Speakeasies turn a better profit for the Mobster in charge, but the smallest Speakeasy in town O’Malley’s Dry goods is always open. Thug cards can effect how smooth the deliver goes.

Get paid by speakeasy:
Payment is determined by control based on how may mobsters you have at any given speakeasy and the thug cards played by you and others.

Chance of still getting raided by the Copper:
The Copper is moved to the play that rolled the highest production at their family still and production on that still will be 0 the next round.

This is a great game with a log going on and many paths to victory. I have seen people win by getting the most trucks and other win by control of the speakeasy and others win by build and improving their stills. The game is a balancing act and you need to have some commitment to several areas to win the game.

New and young players may have a problem grasping all the areas of the game but after several plays they seam to get the concept and enjoy the game.

The game plays 12 rounds and takes about 90-120 minutes to play for 3-6 players.


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