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Age of Empires III - Board Game Box Shot

Age of Empires III

, | Published: 2007
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It is the late 15th century and a new age is dawning. While searching for a new trade route to India, explorers have discovered a new land. The first reports tell of strange creatures, exotic people, and fabulous wealth. Captains and adventurers flock to these new lands in search of gold. They are quickly followed by colonists, soldiers, merchants, and missionaries all seeking wealth of one kind or another. Colonies begin to spring up, and soon competition among the great nations of Europe begins.

Take the role of one of Europe's colonial powers and stake your claim in the New World. As the leader of your nation, there are many paths that lead to victory: Discover and colonize new lands; acquire trade goods that will build your economy; develop new technologies and infrastructure in your home country; build your merchant fleet to dominate the trade routes; and build your army to defend what is rightfully yours!

The triumphant revel in riches and glory, while the vanquished become a footnote in the history books. It is an Age of Discovery... it is an Age of Empires!

Explore the New World, discovering and claiming new lands for your empire

Gather resources to develop your economic infrastructure

Build structures that give you advantages in resources or victory points

Use specialists to give you the strategic advantage over your opponents

Go to war to defend what is yours or take what is not

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I play blue
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“One of my favorites”

My goal is to get you interested in playing the game not to teach you how to play the game.

I played Age of empires III and fortunately Age of discovery was being offered on Kickstarter shortly after that. So I bought it and most of this review will be for Age of discovery which is still available Age of Empires III is out of print and will not be reproduced.

That being said, this is a worker placement area control game. I own several big box sets and this game It is the heaviest box of all the games I own. I bought it on kickstarter and took all the options. This gave me additional miniature sets and metal coins and some expansions.

Features of new deluxe version
+ New board
+ Updated art
+ Over 500 miniatures including high-quality coins
+ Newly designed rule book
+ Archival-quality Box with storage for all the components
+ More players (depends on how may additional options you purchase)

Breakdown of miniatures
Each color has:
30 Colonist
10 Builders
5 Captains
5 Merchants
10 Missionary
10 Soldiers

A total of 10 Merchant Ships available.

Special features of placing certain figures from Colonist dock:
Merchants – Gain $5
Missionary – Add an additional Colonist
Soldiers – The ability to kill/remove another player figure in location placed
Builders – Increase Victory points

The game is broken down into three phases with different building coming out in each phase. Scoring is done through the game and end of game scoring.

Builder expansion adds Special powers for each country

In the earlier version some people complained about not being able to tell miniatures apart. So they added different shaped bases for similar shaped pieces. I never has a problem with this.

After players get the flow of the game play moves very quickly as long as players plan ahead. There is a lot to this game and playing it several times will give you a better chance of winning. However I won the previous version of the game the first time I played against 2 people who had played the game 10 times or more and two avid gamers who had not played before like me.

This game has everything a serious gamer could want. I love worker placement and area control games so it is one of my favorites. The components are of the highest quality and there is a lot of them.

It is hard to get on the table in my weekly meetup group because of the time it takes to complete a game. 90 to 120 minutes play time. Add some time for first time players.

It is a big investment but I feel it is worth it. If you get a chance to play do so I am sure you will become a fan.

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“Who played Age of Empire III on PC?”

Who played Age of Empire III on PC?
I wanna begging with that question: Who played Age of Empire III on PC?
I did this question because if you want a board game similar to computer game, you’ll be disappointed.

Well AoE is a eurogame with worker placement and area control to do points. In the game we are a civilization and with the discovery of a new continent (America) we try to conquest it, for that we have 5 colonist each turn to do actions different among gain a recourse, conquest (go to the a unoccupied place), explore (go to a discovered place), buy a research (quite important in late game), gain a new worker and finally battle or war.
There are five kind of worker:
Colonist: common worker, no bonus
Captains: equal a two colonist
Merchants: gain 5 coins when explore
Missionary: gain a colonist in the same area of missionary
Soldiers: use to battle, kill other units.
Conclusion: If you forget the game computer you could enjoy this board game is a good worker placement game, not the best but pretty good

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Gamer - Level 1
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“Exceptional game even 7 years later”

This is the only game in my collection I rate a 10 on BGG. The combination of worker placement and area control along with great miniatures and an approachable ruleset make this one my group’s favorite. We regularly play with two adults and three teenagers, and while the adults win the lion’s share of the games due to superior planning, the kids make a game of it and win some as well.

Cannot recommend highly enough. A fantastic game.

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“Very Awesome Strategy game...”

I have played this game at least 50 times since I originally bought it in 2007. It’s a good turned-based strategy game that never turns out the same, even with the same players. My 8 year old can play it, but she can not ever seem to win, so it takes more than luck to really finish on top. So this may not be a family game with young children, but it’s mostly a game that provides a lot of entertainment between friends. I often find myself switching strategies mid-game as well based off of what I see other players are trying to do. If you play with more than 3 players, you’ll notice that if you are on top, people gun for you to try and knock you back, usually succeeding.


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