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Tragedy Looper

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What if you could loop back in time to save a Tragedy?

Tragedy Looper, a time-loop deduction board game. A Mastermind will unfold a mystery while the Protagonists try to figure out what is going on.

As a Protagonist, your goal is to break out of the time loop maze and create a happy future. But you don’t know who is who, what is what, and you don’t even know how to win! However, you have the ability to travel back in time so you can replay the same script multiple times!

As a Mastermind, your goal is to trigger tragedies and feast your eyes upon the misery of your opponents. You have all the information, but you have to win every single loop. And when the Protagonists lose, the taste of victory is so much sweeter!

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“Groundhog Day: Tragic Mystery Edition”

Tragedy Looper is essentially Time Looping Detectives versus an Evil Mastermind. I can’t get particularly detailed, because by its nature, anything specific would spoil the game scenarios.

One player is the Mastermind. He chooses the scenario and knows what tragic events he will unfold. The other players are Time Detectives. They don’t know what’s going on, when, why, or how. All they know is one or more tragic events are about to happen, and only they can stop it.

Players – both Detectives and Mastermind – play cards to influence the movement and actions of characters on the board. At the end of each turn, these actions are resolved, and clues may be revealed, characters may die, and tragedies may be enacted or prevented.

So how do the Time Detectives know what to do? Observation, logic, and deduction. Every character move, every death, and every event must be carefully observed. If a key Tragedy occurs, the only signal the Detectives receive will be that Time resets back to the beginning, and the scenario begins anew. It is up to them to figure out what the actual Tragedy was, what triggered it, and how to stop it. But they only have a limited number of Time Loops to get things right, or the Mastermind wins.

What does the Mastermind do? Plan, implement, and misdirect. He must accomplish his objectives, but do so in a way that the Detectives won’t know the exact nature and triggers for the Tragedy. He must use red herrings and coincidences to confound the Detectives, and take advantage of the Time Loops to adjust his moves, just like the Detectives.

Tragedy Looper takes a game or two to grasp, because it can be very opaque at first. New Detectives won’t know why or how they’re losing – or winning – and the Mastermind needs time to properly read and understand their chosen scenario to know what he must accomplish and what events happen at set times. Eventually, though, everything clicks and it becomes an incredibly entertaining cat-and-mouse game of matching time looping wits.


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