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Seasons: Path of Destiny - Board Game Box Shot

Seasons: Path of Destiny

, | Published: 2014
Expansion for Seasons
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The battle between the kingdom's most powerful sorcerers rages on, as each is convinced of his glorious triumph. Master fickle fate, command new and exciting magic, and claim your rightful title as ruler of the Path of Destiny!

Path of Destiny is the second expansion for Seasons, and adds new powers, enchantments, special abilities and the powerful Die of Destiny. New combinations and brilliant strategies await your discovery. Act fast to claim the exclusive promo card found only in the first printing.

Note: This is not a standalone game. You must have the Seasons base game in order to play this expansion.

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  • Add new life to a great game.
  • New strategies unfold with the Die of Destiny
  • Discover new combinations of cards
  • Compatible with all previous versions
  • Exclusive promo card, only in the first printing (fan-created through a promotional contest)

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“A Great Expansion”

Seasons: Path of Destiny, adds a new dynamic to your Seasons game, along with a host of diverse items, familiars, enchantments, modifications, and other cards.

The primary feature of the expansion is the Destiny dice, which gives players the options to employ a certain enchantment in order to roll the dice as an alternative method to get crystals.

If you are a big fan of Seasons, you will love this expansion and will enjoy the new options available.


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