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Sagrada - Board Game Box Shot
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As a skilled artisan, you will use tools-of-the-trade and careful planning to construct a stained glass window masterpiece in the Sagrada Familia.

Players will take turns drafting glass pieces, represented by dice; carefully choosing where to place each one in their window. Windows have unique color and shade requirements, and similar dice may never be adjacent so placing each die is more challenging than the last. Fortunately, you’ll have just the right tools to help you through. Gain prestige by adapting to the preferences of your fickle admirers, and of course, by adding your own artistic flair while completing your glass masterpiece in Sagrada.

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“Beautiful Dice Drafting”

This is fast becoming the favorite game in our house. My wife will never turn down a game of Sagrada and after one play, it is not hard to see why. This game is easy to learn, quick to play, and downright beautiful to look at.

The Good:

The components are well made and the translucent, colored dice are awesome. After a few rounds, this one looks gorgeous on the table and you can really see the theme coming through.
The puzzle aspect of the game is engaging and challenging without being cluttered by unnecessary rules.
A full playthrough takes only 30 minutes, so it shouldn’t be hard to keep even the least initiated board gamer interested.

The Not-So-Good:

The cardstock used on the cards feels a little flimsy. This especially bothers me about the window pattern cards since they will be manipulated in and out of frames every time we play
The rules for scoring at the end of the game needed explanations of EACH rule. The rulebook only provided examples of a few, and I have to admit we played a few games wrong and did some puzzle solving after to figure out how to score.

This game definitely lives up to the hype, and is one that will be on our shelves for years to come. It plays well as a filler for two or three people in between longer Ameritrash games, or as a main course for up to six players with an optional expansion. I am very happy with the amount of game I got for only 40 bucks!

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“Great table presentation ”

This is an easy game to learn and the strategic level of play kicks in very very quickly. A great game for beginners to tabletop games. Kids can play with adults without dumbing down the game play. There are already a couple of expansions, one adds a way of having a 5th player. This is a great option for game night, the more the merrier. The varied layout and scoring methods in the base set allow for a great amount of replay value. Many of our game night sessions have multiple plays of Sagrada. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.


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