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The Grizzled: At Your Orders! - Board Game Box Shot

The Grizzled: At Your Orders!

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The war rages on and life in the trenches becomes more and more difficult. There are whispers of peace on the horizon, but that seems like a distant dream right now. In front of the soldiers are more missions, more hard knocks, and more orders.

The beautiful and powerful cooperative experience, The Grizzled, took the gaming world by surprise. Its simple design and challenging execution made it one of the most respected cooperative games in recent memory. Getting through the war alive was always a tough challenge and players who won the game did it by supporting one another. The Grizzled: At Your Orders! is the expansion to the original game featuring new Mission cards, character cutouts, and a way to set the difficulty level of the game. Players will dive deeper into the conflict and face challenges they never expected. Just like the base game, players will be trying to get through a number of Trials and survive until the end of the war.

Mission cards create a new deck for the game. At the start of a round, the Team Leader will draw two Mission cards and select one to face that round. The other card goes back on top of the deck, giving players an idea of what challenges are on the horizon. Most Mission cards will last as long as the Mission itself and will cause some benefit or hindrance throughout the course of that round. However, some of the Mission cards have a condition that must be met before players can discard them. The new cards come in three different difficulty levels, and players can construct the Mission deck to have the gaming experience they want. Veterans of The Grizzled may want to add harder Missions, but newer recruits to the front lines may want to try some of the easier ones.

To make life a little easier in the trenches, Speech tokens are no longer removed from the game after they've been used. Players can tap into that same inspiration again later in the game. When the morale drops, there is an upper limit of six cards that are moved over, as the battle hardened soldiers are now more mentally prepared against the hardship of war. Finally, when a player receives the most support at the end of a round, they can always reactivate their Lucky Charm in addition to discarding Hard Knocks.

At Your Orders! adds some depth and variety in play to the original. Each round will be approached with more structure to the choices being made. Also included are some new variations such as special rules for two-player games, “Duo!”, and even a “Solo!” mode to go the trenches alone. With all these new options, players will be ready to get into uniform and go once more to battle in the war to end all wars.

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“Challenging but Easy ”

The Grizzled is one of those games that bring the stress of trying to survive and the ease of explanation any corroborative group wants. Additionally, the play time can be short or long depending on the level of difficulty. I found this game to be fun, easy to learn and challenging to survive. The art work is amazing and as a work of the late Tignous who was assassinated in the Charlie Hebdos shooting in 2015. If anything this game is a testimony to the work of Tignous and should be in every board gamers collection.


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