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Go to the The Grizzled: At Your Orders! page
Go to the Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game page
3 out of 9 gamers thought this was helpful

Dead of Winter is one of those games that is great based on who you play it with. Those who are Alpha gamers will find this game frustrating with players who have never played. Likewise, those who are new might will find this game had to play with people who have played before.

However, Dead of Winter has the great potential to be an amazingly fun and challenging game when played with people who are able to be ruthless and cunning at the same time. This game is incredibly fun when played with people who willing to enjoy the time spent playing and let the game dictate the outcomes.

Go to the Android: Netrunner page

Android: Netrunner

6 out of 10 gamers thought this was helpful

Netrunner is one of the games I have found that is starting to save me hundreds of dollars a month. I have loved Magic The Gathers but Netrunner has replaced it and helped me fall in love with the LCG games. I am able to satisfy my deck building desire as you get all the card for expansions and the core set it doesn’t break the bank.

Thus, Cheap in Netrunner does not mean Bad. This game is an amazing deck builder as well as 2 players competitive game! It takes a little bit of learning as you have the Corp. and the Runner and understanding how to play either well takes a few play sessions. However, This game is worth playing and investing in!

Go to the 7 Wonders page

7 Wonders

15 out of 27 gamers thought this was helpful

7 Wonders is a great game for those looking for a game a step up from Sushi Go. The artwork and history involved in this game make add an extra element of joy as you play. If my in-laws hadn’t played Sushi Go first the draft style play would have lost them so if you have new players to this type of game it might be a little confusing. The expansions add a great component to the game and make it a great overall game to play with the family.

Its quick playability makes it a fun and fast game to play to get the strategy ich but still have fun with those who are not strategy players. Additionally, It a game that levels the playing field and makes winning harder to judge.

Go to the The Grizzled: At Your Orders! page
2 out of 5 gamers thought this was helpful

The Grizzled is one of those games that bring the stress of trying to survive and the ease of explanation any corroborative group wants. Additionally, the play time can be short or long depending on the level of difficulty. I found this game to be fun, easy to learn and challenging to survive. The art work is amazing and as a work of the late Tignous who was assassinated in the Charlie Hebdos shooting in 2015. If anything this game is a testimony to the work of Tignous and should be in every board gamers collection.

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