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| Published: 2012
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Experience head-to-head card gaming like never before with BattleCON for iOS. Play online against opponents all over the world in fast-paced duels of strategy, wits, and skill!

Watch the how-to-play video at!

Battle Connection is a dueling card game where two fighters utilize tactics, unique strategy, and technical finesse to outwit and outfight opponents in fast-paced one-on-one duels. Gauge your opponents' strengths and intentions and play the perfect move to come out ahead!

BattleCON is unique among card games in that each character utilizes a totally different play mechanic to power their strategy. Gain levels, tap into the elements, control time, or change between forms. Each duel is not just a different matchup, but a wholly different game!

BattleCON for iOS is a direct port of BattleCON: War of Indines, the hit card game published earlier this year. It includes two brand new characters, Shekhtur and Eligor, as well as ten returning fighters from the standalone card game.


  • Play online against gamecenter friends.
  • Local head to head play on a single device.
  • Free to play with 4 characters unlocked at start and eight additional characters to unlock, each with a unique gameplay mechanic and alternate costume!
  • Unlock extra characters through gameplay alone OR via in-app purchase--it's up to you.
  • Training and Tutorial modes to get new players started up and winning in no time.
  • All the awesome action of BattleCON, streamlined and distilled into a top-notch digital format.
  • Crisp, high-quality retina graphics on supported devices.
  • Universal app works on your iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Who will like BattleCON?

  • Fans of Collectible Card Games
  • Fighting Game fans
  • Strategy Game enthusiasts

Store Links: (prices may vary)

  • BattleCON (universal) - $FREE
  • Additional features available via in-app purchases.

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“A few bugs in it”

I just downloaded it (the app is free) and I would suggest that everyone do so as the price is right.

The game on the Iphone is a little bit buggy as of 12/4/12. Playing in the Arcade mode I had crashes after every match. I briefly watched the video but the actions of the opponent can be a little bit difficult to decipher. On occasion I would win/lose and not be sure why a stun occurred or why I won/lost.

I believe the point of the game is to simulate a match in a fighting game (like street fighter).

The graphics look good and the gameplay does have strategy. To make an attack you choose one card from a pool of actions (ex. retreat, advance, focus, sweep etc…) this card will have modifiers to range, power, and initiative, and you pair it with a card from the pool on the right that has a base range, power, and initiative.

To clarify, in the pool of the left are a number of partial moves, like sliding, or advancing, sweeping, and on the right are other partial moves, like shot, grab, or jab. A move you might construct would be advancing jab. advancing would provide 0 to initiative, +1 to power, and 0 to range, while also letting you move your character 1 or two spaces. The Jab part would give you +3 to initiative, +1 range, and +1 power. This hypothetical would result in a 3 initiative, 2 power, +1 range move where you could move forward 1 or 2 spaces before it resolved.

The player with the higher initiative total from the move constructed goes first and makes any applicable choices (moving 1 or 2 squares if a card gives the move that ability, retreating, etc…)

Be careful which actions you use right away as the actions you used will be on “cooldown” for two turns. This stops you from repeatedly doing one action and provides the strategy of saving a closing move for later etc…

Based on limited gameplay I am considering purchasing a physical copy. As for the app I am hopeful that the bugs will be fixed and that what seems like a fun game at a free price point will being working as intended. There are in game unlocks but I’ve had the game for one day and with the crashing I do not know how long the various unlocks will take.


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