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Urbion - Board Game Box Shot


| Published: 2012
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For eons, Incubi (bad, negative dreams) and Sognae (happy, positive dreams) have dwelled in Equilibrion, opposed but complementary. As the king of this City, you must establish and maintain the delicate balance between those dreams: place them in the various districts, harness their power, and beware of the Chaos – fearsome entities that thrive on discord and hatred.

Urbion is a solo/cooperative card game: You (and your partner) must work (together) against the game and claim all the cards from the City deck before the Dream deck runs out! Victory is achieved by balancing the twelve City cards: when the sum of all Dream cards played next to a City card is equal to zero, you may claim it. In order to prevail, you must play your Dream cards skillfully or discard them at the right moment to trigger helpful effects. And you will have to dodge the penalties of the Chaos cards...

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