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46 out of 88 gamers thought this was helpful

this is one of my most loved games in the last 5 years – and i play a lot of games.

It just gives you the feeling of deeds done and done them heroically.

And every hero plays differently – and every villain and every environment.

I love the game so much that i bought myself a place in it and now i watch over the supervillain prison as Warden Hoefle 🙂

Ive yet to pick up my copy at Essen 2013 but already saw the pciture and made a few t-shirts with it

Anyhow great game for 2-5 people

Go to the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying  page
5 out of 23 gamers thought this was helpful

easy system – very intuitiv , but you have to have the right group – i played it three times and twice the group was pleased and went with the game ( one group was completely new to rpgs ) and than i played it with my fantasygroup and they had no fun at all ( and me neither )

all in all if you love comics and marvel especially buy it – its awesome and you feel like a heroe – its not only rolling dice but also describing why things work for you.

sadly its discontinued but there are enough expansions out there ( i thin 4 story arcs ) to last for a year or two depending how often you play 🙂

Excelsior !!!

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