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Cadwallon: City of Thieves – The King of Ashes Expansion - Board Game Box Shot

Cadwallon: City of Thieves – The King of Ashes Expansion

| Published: 2012
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Thunder splits the sky as dark clouds gather above the free city of Cadwallon. The ground trembles, towers sway, and an earthquake of unprecedented violence wracks the City of Thieves! In the midst of the crisis, as bystanders flee the filthy streets, an entrance opens to a series of long-forgotten catacombs.

The guild intrigues of Cadwallon: City of Thieves grow even richer with the treasure trove of new adventures, characters, equipment, and Arcana in The King of Ashes expansion!

Rumors claim the newly-opened catacombs contain the legendary treasure of Sophet Drahas, and the thieves of the city above race to find entrance to these long-hidden catacombs and grab their riches. King of Ashes explores these catacombs with a new board and six adventures that can play independently or combined into a larger campaign.

Revised rules make the militia a more imposing force, and rules for experience, equipment, and mercenaries afford tremendous strategic options in your games, especially when you play them as part of a larger campaign.

King of Ashes expansion board
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“Great expansion”

If you have city of thieves game this is must to have expansion definitely.


There are some lacks in basic game and this expansion definitely fixed them.

What contains The King of Ashes Expansion?

1. One new map catacombs
2. One new merchant for each guild (cards and models)
3. New intrigue cards
4. New arcana cards
5. Cave troll (card and model)
6. Wound tokens
7. Experience knowledge tokens
8. Exploration tokens
9. Relic and rubble tokens
10. New 6 adventures scenarios
11. New improved cards for militia and merchants


As you can see there are a lot of things in this expansion which make a different gameplay.
Now you don’t need to move militia by throwing the dice, instead when you draw arcana card if is on the top of the deck new arcana card you can move one militiaman of your chose and also if militiaman win in the battle thief will be throw in the prison (on the new map).
Now you characters can be wounded or even killed. At the beginning of the game you can choose equipment for your guild member (axe, sword, map …)There is also new campaign mode which allow you and your friends to play four scenarios and the winner is who has more gold from each scenario they played. There is new addition with intrigue cards (secret quest) if you completed it you can gain award, but some of these cards have penalties if you don’t resolve them at the end of the game.


I really enjoyed playing game with this expansion. This expansion fixed lot things in main game and added new functionality. I’m very glad that I’m owner of this expansion. (highly recommend)


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