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Go to the Cadwallon: City of Thieves - The King of Ashes Expansion page
48 out of 54 gamers thought this was helpful

If you have city of thieves game this is must to have expansion definitely.


There are some lacks in basic game and this expansion definitely fixed them.

What contains The King of Ashes Expansion?

1. One new map catacombs
2. One new merchant for each guild (cards and models)
3. New intrigue cards
4. New arcana cards
5. Cave troll (card and model)
6. Wound tokens
7. Experience knowledge tokens
8. Exploration tokens
9. Relic and rubble tokens
10. New 6 adventures scenarios
11. New improved cards for militia and merchants


As you can see there are a lot of things in this expansion which make a different gameplay.
Now you don’t need to move militia by throwing the dice, instead when you draw arcana card if is on the top of the deck new arcana card you can move one militiaman of your chose and also if militiaman win in the battle thief will be throw in the prison (on the new map).
Now you characters can be wounded or even killed. At the beginning of the game you can choose equipment for your guild member (axe, sword, map …)There is also new campaign mode which allow you and your friends to play four scenarios and the winner is who has more gold from each scenario they played. There is new addition with intrigue cards (secret quest) if you completed it you can gain award, but some of these cards have penalties if you don’t resolve them at the end of the game.


I really enjoyed playing game with this expansion. This expansion fixed lot things in main game and added new functionality. I’m very glad that I’m owner of this expansion. (highly recommend)

Go to the Cadwallon: City of Thieves page
54 out of 61 gamers thought this was helpful

City of thieves is the game where action takes place in Cadwallon. Player take control of one guild of thieves and he tries to take so many golds and treasures from the city. Member of guilds cant attack other members from different guilds and take them treasure or coins if they won in battle. There are several scenarios in the game with different rules which can be choose at the beginning of the game.

-Great miniatures
-Good quality of content
-Good graphic design
-Different scenarios with different goals and rules

-Each character has own special, but status(Power,Mind,Run) are the same for all thieves
-It’s difficult to find specific rooms (you need to look in rule book) in the map
-There is no guild sheet
-Game can be too slow in 3 or 4 players

My personal opinion
This game is fun, but has some issues, this is reason why this game didn’t make success on the market. Each scenario is different and this is really fun, but i feel that game is not complete.
When we played this game in four players, turn for each player took to long and started to be a little boring.
I think that this game could be great, but for some lacks city of thieves didn’t succeed very well. (With expansion for this game, gameplay is much more better, if you have this game I highly recommend expansion)

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