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Alien Frontiers

90 out of 106 gamers thought this was helpful

Awesome game! It may seem a little difficult at the beginning, but once you play it a couple of times, the game mechanics start to reveal themselves and everything starts to make sense. You might want to check out some videos in Youtube before buying it. It may not appeal to everyone. Don´t be intimidated by the amount of info displayed on the board. It´s not that complicated

Summary of the game:
In this game all players are competing to colonize a planet, but in order to achieve this, they have to manage the two resources available (energy and ore) as well as make smart use of different stations orbiting the planet, which by the way, have different purposes, like for instance: allowing you to extract resources and/or, buy ships, place colonies, exchange one type of resource for other, buy alien technologies, etc. And, how do people use the orbital stations? Easy, with dice!!!. Each dice represent a ship which can be placed in the different slots in the board game. Yes, that´s right! You start with 3 ships (3 dice). Later on, you can build new ships to a maximum of 6. However, each time they are more expensive to build. The interesting thing about the ships, is that the most you have, the more you can achieve in a single turn due to more options that become available to you. Each turn you roll your ships, and depending on the results you can use them at different orbital stations if they happen to be unused (yes, sometimes you may not use an orbital station if others are there). For example, in order to use the shipyard, you need a double (does not matter the number you rolled), but if other players are using the station completely, you may not be able to use it at all, unless.. -and here comes the exception to the rules-, you make use of some nasty alien technologies to remove or destroy other player´s ships from a station, or use them as yours. Alien cards are extremely powerful and most of the time they allow you to bend the general rules. In fact, although there is luck involved in the game, it is controllable by using these cards. And for those of you who like confrontation and direct interaction with other players, you can always steal resources and alien cards from other players by using a special orbital station (kind of a pirate lair), provides you a string of number in your ships. Something worth to be mentioned is that not necessarily the person who places his last colony is the winner. There is a scoring track which goes up and down during the same.
I have played this game several times with my friends and family, and they absolutely loved it. It is not that complex and with the Factions Expansion, it has ton of replayability. I would really recommend this game to people who like dice, who likes resource management and who

* Stunning art
* Fantastic theme
* Controllable luck
* Various mechanics going on: resource management, worker placement, area control.
* Players have different options during their turn
* Well written rules

* You need to get familiar with the alien cards in order to understand the hidden strategies inside this jewel of a game.
* Very hard to find a copy these days
* Due to the different strategies available to players on their turns, especially when they have a lot of ships (dice) and Alien Cards, sometimes “analysis paralysis may occur”

Some interesting videos:

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