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Sunrise City - Board Game Box Shot

Sunrise City

| Published: 2012

In the tile-laying game Sunrise City, players build a city with zone tiles, bid for control of those zones, then place building tiles on the city zones to their best advantage. Each round the players use role cards to grant them special abilities in the various game phases. Points earned during play move score tokens up a ten point track. Players score one benchmark token if their score marker overshoots the star at the top of their score track but earn two benchmarks if their token lands on the star by exact count.

Thus, Sunrise City is not a race to score the most points; it's a contest to grow the city in a manner that will earn you the right number of points at the right time to maximize your benchmarks. After three rounds, the player with the most benchmarks wins.

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“Decent game”

Played this by accident. I teach a board game every other Wednesday at the local game store and when no one but one of my friends showed up we decided to play this one and I’m I glad we did. As we were waiting hoping to play the game I was to teach he read the rules and then explained them to me. It’s quite simple and straight forward. There’s 3 rounds with 4 phases to each round. First you get your 4 roles that you chose 1 and then pass the rest left (think 7 wonders style) and continue until you have 3. These will be the people you can use their special ability for the round. Then you get 4 plots of land and 4 buildings that you hope to build on your turn. You each choose 1 of the roles for that turn basing it on your plots and buildings. You then place the plots of lands to build up the city, bid on which plots you want to build off of and finally build your buildings, scoring points along the way. I have left out some minor stuff but this is a good game from a company I haven’t heard of. My friend says it’s like Ginkgopolis but with more structure and since I haven’t played it I’ll take his word for it but take my word for it and try this game.


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