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Egizia lasts for 5 rounds. In each round, the players can increase the strength of their construction crews, add new quarries or fi elds, take Nile and sphinx cards, and cooperate in the building of king‘s graves, obelisks, pyramids, and temples. The goal is to collect points. Players can earn points immediately for building and points at the end of the game from the sphinx cards.

In each round, the players pass through 7 phases, then the next round begins. The details on how the individual phases are played is described in the following.

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“Have you ever pretended you were a pharaoh?”

Not a lot of story to this game but the theme is great. You act kind of like an Egyptian pharaoh working to build monuments and increase your points. This game takes place over five rounds and whoever has the most points at the end wins.

Game play:
Players have three worker groups and one supervisor group(acts as a modifier for the other three) that they will use to work on constructing Egyptian monuments (Sphinx, Tombs, Obelisks, Temple, Pyramid). These groups can grow as rounds progress but players have to make sure they are well fed or they end up losing points. Each round you will randomly set out corresponding Nile cards that players can choose as they travel done the river places boats to pick up cards, build, and benefit from round spaces. Nile cards will add to your food and stone production, give players extra powers, add to their work crews, and more. Players earn points during the rounds as they participate in building at each of the three building sites. Building at the Sphinx lets you choose from achievement cards that score points at the end of the game. The Obelisk/Tombs let you move your marker down in the stone or grain market(potentially giving you more stone or making your workers cheaper to feed). Building at the Pyramid/Temple just scores you points with a chance of getting bonus for completing levels of the Pyramid. After 5 rounds of setting up cards, placing boats, and building players then will score end game points based on meeting the objectives of their Sphinx cards and adding up value of their grave tiles.

My Thoughts:
Being a huge fan of everything Egypt since I was young I was excited to find out this game exists. The first time I ever read through the rule book, without setting up the game, was confusing. There seems to be a lot going on but once one play through is done this game is surprisingly pretty simple. That said their are levels of strategy and planning depending on what available resources you have, the Sphinx cards you are trying to accomplish, and what Nile Cards have shown up each round. The end game scoring system means that you won’t know who wins until the very end so players will not feel discouraged even if another player has jump way out ahead early in the game. If I had more favorite slots this game would make it onto that list.

~Replay value: the use and random placement of the round cards makes no two games the same
~Quality-The board and cards look great and add to the atmosphere of the game. All components are well made.

~Strength of Cards-In a two player games certain cards such as “Draw 2 extra Sphinx cards” are way over powered while others will never be chosen like “You can build at a full build site”
~Rule book- The first time reading through the rules was a bit confusing and it doesn’t help that some of the card pictures are wrong (there’s edited/revised rules available)

Overall: Great Egyptian based game that has good replay value. All of my games have been two player so I still haven’t seen the full potential of the game. Player interaction is indirect through taking or not taking certain spots along the Nile River. If you get the chance I highly recommend checking this game out.


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