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Cavemen: The Quest for Fire - Board Game Box Shot

Cavemen: The Quest for Fire

| Published: 2012
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Quest for Fire is a game of strategy and cunning set in a prehistoric age. The players take the role of tribal leaders who compete for opportunities to hunt dinosaurs, expand their influence and discover new technologies. Be the first to discover fire and usher in the age of modern humanity!

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“Certainly not UG-ly”

This was one of those games I knew nothing about and just took a punt on, well priced, small box, and a theme which just suckered me in.

Firstly this is a lovely looking game, nice card stock, good art and very clear symbols. The there are the tokens – teeth and meat on bones! Who doesn’t like that! There’s joy to be had in sitting smugly in front of a pile of ex dinosaur meat represented by small shaped card tokens.

So aesthetics aside, this is essentially a easy to play card game. The rules are clear and simple and you’ll have the idea (if not the strategy ) within about ten minutes of playing.

It goes something like this: You each get a couple of cavemen and a cave to start. Then a number of cards are put in the middle of the table, you take it in turns to select something of your choice (hunt a dinosaur for food / teeth, get a new cave, recruit a new caveman or invent something). Everything is tempered by the need for the right amount of ability points for which each caveman is differently qualified, you won’t hunt down a tyrannosaurus without some good hunters, likewise you won’t be inventing err baskets without a couple of bright sparks.

This is preceded by a bidding round for the ‘conch shell’ which designates the first player (who gets to do two things rather than one) – the bidding currency being teeth.

The winner is the first to invent fire.

I like the game although for those more experienced gamers its a bit long for the sort of game it is (45-60 mins). I would have liked a bit more player interaction although the bidding is a nice touch.

Overall a simple resource management type of game in a nice small box which in itself is quite a unique thing. It won’t wow you but its a nice option to have – they just don’t make enough caveman games!!


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