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Shadow Hunters (Second Edition) - Board Game Box Shot

Shadow Hunters (Second Edition)

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Identify: In Shadow Hunters, each player has a secret character identity - Shadow, Hunter or Neutral (civilian). Figure out the identities of the other players to determine who is your ally and who is your enemy!

Survive: Once your identity is revealed, your enemies will attack you using their special abilities such as Demolish, Teleport, Suck Blood with the help of equipments like Rusted Broad Axe or Cursed Sword Masamune. A fierce survival battle between the Shadows and the Hunters will ignite where only the strongest can win. Unless, a civilian in the right circumstances, claims victory!

This edition includes more Hunters, more Shadows, and more Civilians to add variety to your Shadow Hunters games.

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I Am What I Am
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“Quick and playable game”

One was introduced this at a games club and it sounded complex and slightly unwieldy from the description, however after the first game it became an easy to play game with hidden complexity and enjoyable game play.

The cards and card stock is of quality and will last which is something that is often a bug bear.

OK, Horror game.
Concept: Deduction, Adventure, Bluffing, Card Game,
Mechanics: Player Elimination, Dice Rolling, and odd team ups.

Each player is unique and has Variable Player Powers and conditions to win.

Game play, Turn order proceeds in a game typical clockwise fashion. On a player’s turn, they move their character by rolling the dice and moving their player piece to the area card corresponding to the number they rolled. I.e, so if a 7 is rolled, the player may choose, but a 3 would mea they have to place their counter on a specific place. Next, the player may choose whether to use the ability stated on the area card. Finally, a player may decide if they want to attack another player within range.

It is very much a do or don’t with how you play, and shows some thought in its design.

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Treasure Map
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“I Only Play for Others”

This is a review not a description of play.

I would describe this game as OK. I will play it but wouldn’t say I am excited to.

The Good.
1: Variability of role cards.
2: Can play 6 without being to long.
3: My wife liked it.
4: Board changes a little each game.
5: Fun when you figure out who is on your team.
6. New less strategic gamers will probably play.

The Maybe Good?
1: The game adds neutral roles who are neither hunters nor shadows. I love the idea of having more than 2 factions. However, when you are neutral you are alone, the Win Condition for a neutral can be very specific and hard to accomplish.
2. Each role has a special ability, cool right? Well unless someone has played once or twice and by using it you will reveal your identity.

The Not so Good.
1: Only 3 times in 45 minutes did I feel like I made a decision that impacted the game. After 10 minutes I had already correctly deduced everyone’s faction but could not make any real decisions to further my cause.
2. I did not love the artwork.
3. Roles do not seem very balanced.

This game is for people who like games with a lot luck and not to much thought. It plays like a modified version of Mafia. I do not desire to own this game but will play for the enjoyment of my friends and wife who find it fun. The sad thing is with some more thought this game could be really cool. Good idea, poor execution.


Thanks for reading!


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