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5 out of 5 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a fun puzzle solving game that emulates an escape room experience. You find yourself in a Secret Lab, and there is a notebook and a disk. The disk is your decoder ring. You need to solve riddles to get out of the room.

The game has an instruction book with an overview of the components and how they are used, as well as how to set them up. The instruction book is not part of the puzzle, so you read it before you begin. The game has three types of cards: Riddle cards, Answer cards, and Help cards. As you investigate, you find riddles to solve. When you solve the riddle, you will be able to enter information into the decoder ring, which will lead you to an Answer card. The right Answer card will lead to more riddles to solve on the Riddle cards. The game also has a way to tell you if your solution was wrong so you can take another look at the clues. If you are having trouble solving the codes you can use the Help cards. Each code has three Help cards. You can read the 1st Help card, and if you need more help, you can read the 2nd help card and the 3rd help card gives you the solution.

There are also two strange items in the Secret Lab and the game will let you know when you ‘find’ them. You can leave them in the box until then.

There is a way you can score the game at the end based on how many Help cards you used and how long it took you to get out of the lab. The instructions say not to count any Help cards that give you information you already had when scoring.

You will also need pencil or pen and paper, and a pair of scissors can be helpful, along with a way to track your time. When you play the game as designed, you will be marking or cutting materials, and it is intended for one play only.

This game is for 1-6 players. We played with two people and it took us about 90 minutes.

I found the game engaging and challenging. This is a good puzzle solving game with a story. I enjoy logic puzzles and I thought that the level of challenge in this game was just right for me, but I don’t know how to quantify that for people who are wondering if this game is right for them.

It’s hard to compare this game to an actual game escape room. I have completed one escape room and I found those puzzles to be very numbers heavy. This game had shapes and colors, and that appealed to me more. I also did not feel any time-pressure with this game compared to the escape room experience.

I like the Help card feature. If you get stuck you can get a clue without revealing too much at first, and if you are really stuck, you can get the answer to the puzzle. In this way, you can adjust the challenge level of the game.

This is the first game I have played from Exit The Game. There are currently three sets available in the US for purchase. The games are selling very well and my local game store has trouble keeping them in stock. Based on how much I enjoyed the game, I purchased the other two games the next day. There are three more games from Exit the Game due out before the end of the year.

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How to Play
In each round, players select a card from the top of the deck and try to come up with as many words as they can, based on the letter string that is printed on the card, for example ING. Words must include the exact letter string with no other letters in between. Snippets has easy, medium, and hard cards to choose from. After selecting a card, all players have 60 seconds to make as many words as they can using the letter string. Some cards have a bonus for using the letter string in a certain way, for example based on how many words start with the letter string on the card. The way to award bonus points are written on the card.

After 60 seconds, you compare your word list to the other player’s lists and cross out any duplicates that at least one other player has written down. You also cross off words that other players decide are not valid. Your score for each round is made of several components:
1 point for each word remaining on your list
Creativity: Player with the fewest number of words crossed off gets 3 points, and if that player had no words crossed off they get 5 points
Brainiac: Player who has the word wth the most letters gets 3 points, if that word is 13 or more letters, they get 5 points
If the card had a special bonus, the player that won the special bonus gets 5 points.

In the event of any ties, all tied players get the points for that category.

The player with the most points in the round wins the Snippets Card, and if there is a tie all tied players take a Snippets card.

The rules say you can play until one player wins 3 or 5 Snippets cards, but you could choose any number to fit the time or interest you have.

It’s meant to be a fun, fast game, so there aren’t meant to be a lot of word challenges. When we played, our only challenges were when I made a mistake and added a word that didn’t have the Snippet. If you catch any words on your own list that you want to cross out, as long as you do so before the timer runs out, they do not count against you in scoring.

Although you are still making words in this game, you get points for being able to come up with unique words, and words with the most letters, or if you win the bonus challenge. It adds variety and not simply listing all the words you can think of that contain the Snippet. You can also use all words, including proper nouns, technical terms, and slang. The person with the best vocabulary may not always win.

I think this game puts a fun spin on word games and adds a little variety to the word game category. Although the box says 45 minutes for a game, with a 2 player game, each round we played was less than 5 minutes. Rounds with four players will take longer because you read more word lists, but unless you have incredibly long word lists or lots of challenges, I think even a 4 player game would last about 20-30 minutes.

My favorite games tend to be party\social games and word games, so it’s not surprising I like this game a lot. There aren’t a lot of ‘party’ games that are also fun with two players. Although Snippets is more fun with more players. I think that some of the fun of this game is in the party\social aspect of hearing the other player’s word lists to see what they came up with. This game could also make a fun family game, and since it plays quickly, it could fit into a game night without being the only game you play. I think that you could also add ‘house rules’ if you wanted to add or remove rules so you and your family or friends will enjoy it more.

The game comes with a sand timer but you can also download a free app to use as a timer.

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Happy Salmon

6 out of 6 gamers thought this was helpful

Happy Salmon is a delightfully simple game that is way more fun than you expect it to be. The rules are simple and it has replayability. It is fast paced and players play simultaneously, so there are no turns. Each player has a deck of 12 cards which is their starting hand. The goal is to discard all the cards in your hand. You can discard a card when you match that card with another player. The first player to match all their cards, and discard their hand, wins. There are four types of cards in each player’s deck: “High 5”, “Pound It” (fist bump), “Switcheroo” (trade places), and “Happy Salmon”. You hold your deck face down and turn over one card at a time. How do you find a match? You call out what your card is, looking for another player doing the same. It winds up being like those films of stock traders trying to buy and sell stocks, with everyone calling out and looking for a match. If you can’t find the match to your current card, you can pass that card to the bottom of your deck and try the next card. However, you can only try to match one of your cards at a time. After each round, players can find all their cards again because each deck of 12 cards has a different color on the back and two corners of the front of the card feature that same color. I like that you can find your cards whether they are face up or down.

It’s a tiny bit of chaotic fun that lasts a few minutes, about 5, but it is highly entertaining and oddly satisfying. Plus it’s one of the few card games I know of where you stand up to play. So it’s a little more energetic than other games, and a nice break from sitting. After I play a round or three, I feel better, and happy and more alert. It’s an easy game to grasp, and kids have no trouble understanding the rules. It’s a great first game for a Game Night, or as a game to play in between other longer games. Since the game plays in minutes, you can have a few rounds and players can easily rotate in for a game and rotate out. It is also very compact, so it would be easy to bring on a camping trip. Personally, I don’t think I could play more than 3-5 rounds at a time, so it won’t be the only game you play all night. Plus it comes in it’s own Happy Salmon carrying case.

You need at least three players, the more the better. When someone described this game to me, I thought it sounded ridiculous, and then I watched a game play video and I knew I wanted to play. I bought the game the next day. If you are looking for a quick game for people of all ages, either for your family or for any event where you might play games, I highly recommend this game. I think everyone who has games shoud add this to their library.

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