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“Keep Moving!”

I have played several games of The Lost Expedition, and here’s what I learned. It’s a game of dwindling resources. You are going to use more supplies than you find in the jungle. Makes sense, there aren’t a lot of supplies that are easy to find in the jungle. Keep your focus on moving your party forward toward their goal, which is finding The Lost City of Z, otherwise known as El Dorado, to increase your chances of winning.

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“Save a Skip for the Evening March”

Each round of Lost Expedition has a Day and Evening march. In the Day march the cards you lay down are arranged in numeric order, but during the Evening march the cards remain in the order they are played.

What this means is that during the Evening march, if I play a card with a skip action on it you know that you should be able to skip the next card.

Ideally, this means that you can play your skip and the next player can dump a horrible card which you can then skip.

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