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Imagine the fun and adventure of Pirates of the Caribbean® condensed into a swashbuckling board game! Dread Pirate comes complete with cast metal doubloons, glass jewels, and pirate ship playing pieces. Stores in a beautiful wooden bookshelf box. Fun for 2 to 4 player, ages 8 to adult.

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“Dread Pirate Roberts...his name was cumberbund”

This is a fantastic, though simple, pirate themed game. I bought it in college and took it home over the holidays back in 2009 and it was a huge hit with the family. It oozes theme, and has some top notch components.

The What: This is a pirate themed game in which the players control a pirate ship and move from port to port raiding, trading, and fighting with other pirates. All of these mechanics are simple dice rolls and very easy to learn. There are no stat sheets or loose leaf paper to track. Players are trying to amass the largest treasure horde before the “timer” runs out. This is a simple move and do actions game. There are some “advanced rules” that add wind, and cards to cause random occurrences (both good and bad) to keep the novelty going.

The Who: Dread Pirate is not a highly strategic game, but it never tries to be. With it being big on theme and easy to learn, it will appeal to a large audience in age and experience. This is suitable for children 4th grade and up.

The How: The components are phenomenal! The board is a cloth treasure map laid out with grids for sailing and islands to visit. The Gems are glass and the dubloons are a gold metal. The players pieces are cast metal ships in varied colors (black, silver, copper, and gold). The cards are a bit on the flimsy side, but the dice are a beautiful dark wood and the wind control die is 3x larger than standard dice.

Pros: Great theme, easy to learn, exceptional components, decent replay value

Cons: Cheap feeling cards, low level of strategy, hard to find retail


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