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Games Added (Nov 8)

Posted by Tiana901 {Family Gamer} | 8-Nov-19 | 7 comments
Games added to

Tiny Epic Dinosaurs
Gamelyn Games | Release Date: 2020 Q1

theory11 | Published: 2019

Marvel Champions: The Card Game
Fantasy Flight Games | Published: 2019

Mental Blocks
Pandasaurus Games | Published: 2019

Fantastic Factories
Deep Water Games, Metafactory Games | Published: 2019

Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon
Hutter Trade GmbH, iello, Mancalamaro | Published: 2019

Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH | Published: 2019

Brain Games | Published: 2019

Cranio Creations | Published: 2019

Lykeland Games | Published: 2019

Funkoverse Strategy Game
Funko Games | Published: 2019

Shards of Infinity
Stone Blade Entertainment | Published: 2018

Comments (7)

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Wow! Nice list of games. I need to look into some of these!!

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@ RC You can request games to be added to the site from the home page under Games –> Game Requests. There is no way for you to add new games directly to the site. Most current games that are requested wind up being added.

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Is there a way to request specific games to be added to the site? Is there a way that I myself could add games to the site that I own but are not present on

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Very much looking forward to Ishtar!

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Cool! One game I own and one I want and am trying to talk myself out of!

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It is great to see more games added to this site.

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Hi Tiana! Still cranking out the game every now and then! Nice!

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