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Go to the Talisman: The Cataclysm page
B. Chereaux {Avid Gamer} Apr 24th, 2018
“The World Is Changing...”

Lord of the Rings said it best, and so the world of Talisman is also changing. This Expansion offers a whole new base board to play on with updated art of familiar places with a very dark twist. Just as The Reaper expansion sought to clean up the boards clutter from time to time with card like Whirlwind and Earthquake, so this expansion offers ways to keep things fresh. The new mechanic is the complete renaming and changing of spaces on the main board, both by implementing the new base board and through cards that change a single space at random times during the game. It also capitalizes on NPC’s through the use of denizen cards, which can help the adventurer along the way.

Components: The new base board is a welcome addition to this series. I enjoyed how the Dragon expansion replaced the center portion of the board, but now they take it way further by giving us all new artwork to admire. It has a very dark feel to it (post-apocalypse high fantasy) that I enjoyed immensely. All of the artwork is Fantasy Flight good with great components. Some new characters offer different ways to play the game than your standard “stat change, new name” characters. The mutating ability of the Mutant is a fun way to gamble, and the Black Knight finally becomes a playable character! Trinkets are still utilized to help players have more objects available (they don’t count against your total items).

Pros: Plenty of new things to look at and great new mechanics. There is an alternate ending card that turns Talisman into a co-op experience…

Cons: Bigger box than the woodland expansion, but it contains a full size board so…

Overall: This is what a game expansion should be! Tons of wonderful new room to explore and new characters that behave in ways we haven’t seen before. Well implemented new mechanics that have a smooth flow to them but still let you play the game in ways you never have before. A good bargain, and in my opinion the best “big box” expansion for this classic game!

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Go to the Fugitive page
burgerchief {Casual Gamer} Apr 23rd, 2018
“To catch a fugitive”

Fugitive is a 2 player asymmetric game where the Rook (now referred to as the fugitive) from Burgle Bros has robbed a bank and escaped with the loot. The Marshal is hot on his tail and is trying to catch him before he can make his getaway by plane. The mechanics involved are hand management, hidden movement, and deduction.

The basic game is that the cards are numbered 0 – 42. The cards are split into 3 shuffled decks with cards numbering 4- 16, 17- 28 and 29-41.

The fugitive starts at the 0 and is trying to play the 42 card. Each game they start with the 1,2,3 and 42 cards (plus other random ones). The fugitive moves by playing a card face down. This is called a hideout. Each hideout can be within 3 more of the previously numbered hideout. Example, if the fugitive is on hideout 5, he could play hideout 6, 7, or 8 ( if they have those cards). The fugitive can move more if they play sprint cards which allows 1 or 2 extra movement per card played as a sprint. After each turn the fugitive draws a card from one of the 3 decks.

The marshal is trying to guess ALL hideouts of the fugitive. Once that happens, the game is over. They can guess 1 or more hideouts each turn, but if even 1 hideout is incorrect, then nothing is revealed. A correctly guessed hideout or series of hideout reveals the hideout and any sprint cards used to sprint to that location. The turn consists of drawing a card from one of the 3 decks and making a guess.

This excludes some rules involving event decks and the “manhunt” which is a variant we always play with.

-Quick gameplay, about 15-25 mins a game
-Nice art on cards
-Fugitive usually has tough, meaningful choices
-Asymmetric gameplay, and a good introduction into it
-Event deck can help balance game if players find one role better than the other

-People complain of balancing issues (for both), but seems to depend on strategies and group
-With 2 very different games, people may prefer one role over the other
-Over time, Marshal’s game of deduction turns into simple math
-If fugitive makes mathematical mistake, it can mess up whole game

-Marshal’s turns are initially less interesting
-Some people say the Marshal feels like playing battleship in a bad way
-Bad card draws can ruin the fugitive’s strategy
-takes up a surprising amount of space on table
-Box insert does not fit sleeved cards

Asymmetric games may be my favorite. Anytime you can do something that your opponent cannot is exciting to me, using your unique abilities/mechanics to your favor is something I enjoy even with occasional balance issues. I’m not sure if this this perfectly balanced, our marshal tends to win more, but games often come down to the last turn or two. Some people have the fugitive win more, so that may be a sign of pretty good balancing. The marshal’s game can feel a bit dry, as you draw a card guess a number, then turn over. The fugitive can craft a strategy, decide to just sit and draw a card, sprint, fake a sprint or try to plan for the future. I feel like much of the game depends on the fugitive’s cards and strategies.

The game has a race like feel, and the last few cards played are usually TENSE. As the Marshal knows she is running out of time and frantically searching for the Fugitive. Likewise the fugitive is frantically trying to rush the endgame and make a speedy getaway.

While the fugitive has a lot of its strategy in which cards to play, and how to sprint or fake a sprint, there is additional strategy in which decks to draw from. If you notice the marshal drawing a lot from the last deck, you need to make sure to draw a few cards from there so you don’t run into the dreaded “roadblock”. However, maybe you allow for that and just sprint right over it.

Players on both sides need to be okay with losing to luck, and be willing to play again. This is a game that wants to be played multiple times in a row- the fugitive has many risky strategies to try again, and it often is the case where you switch roles after one game.

I enjoy this game, it’s easy to travel with, kinda easy to teach (as long as new comer plays marshal), thinky, and tense. I’m always surprised at how much fun I have, but too many repeated plays with the same people can make things stale and even great strategies can be ruined by awful card draws, which ruins the game for both players.

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1 out of 1 gamers thought this review was helpful
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Go to the Unfair page
Meauxmen {Avid Gamer} Apr 23rd, 2018
“Don't lose your head, keep your hands and arms inside the game.”

Are you a theme park enthusiast? Can’t afford to travel though? If you like the thrill of the ride and have always thought I wish I could build a theme park…then you should pop over to the “Unfair” by Joel Finch with @coolminiornot and #goodgamespublishing This game has become a new delight in our gatherings. At first, I was daunted, but on the second play through the simplicity of the system became evident once the options didn’t seem overwhelming. If you have a more advanced gamer to help get you started than this game is a lot of fun for all ranges of playing. As long as you don’t have a person debilitated by making choices the game can flow pretty quickly. You only have 8 rounds to build your park so act quick, be nimble, and keep your eyes on the prize, not just the cash. The first time through can seem slow, try not to stress about your choices in gameplay though. two quick matches will teach you more about the game than one really slow long one. Don’t be afraid to get mean to other players, but you can also win by just buckling your head down and avoiding trouble.They have created a fun variation on the deck building platform. Build thrilling rides, awesome sideshows and food emporiums to slake the thirst and entertain the masses. But watch out, fate in this city isn’t always kind, and your competition sometimes employs dubious methods to rig the city hall worse than your midway games. Can you twist and turn and rattle your way to victory? Do you think you can sell more cotton candy than this fat kid? Go ahead and step right up, everyone’s a winner in the Unfair!

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3 out of 3 gamers thought this review was helpful
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Go to the Scythe page
Meauxmen {Avid Gamer} Apr 23rd, 2018
“Stay nimble, Stay flexible, and move quick”

Scythe is amazing, easily one of the top 10 games of all time for me. It can feel overwhelming at first given the scope of the options on the table, but when you start to see its a simple choice per round, you can really accelerate the gameplay. it only slows down when people treat it like chess. this game is meant to be played at a clip, its a race at its heart. get to the center and gain the most points before someone else ends the time. are you going for stars, for territory, resources, or the hearts and minds of the masses? problem is there is a way to win with each of these tactics. Its those vast arrays of options that make linear thinker and planners have a harder time with this game. I have invested in the upgrades and expansions for this and think they had a lovely depth in the tactile feel of the game. If you don’t like having to choose between lots of options then this game will probably drive you nuts, but if you are non-linear like me, and like outflanking your opponents through tactics and not just strength of force than you will find this game deeply rewarding. Add that to superior design and artwork, makes for an engrossing and stunning visual experience. You need an advanced gamer who has some time to learn the rules before play, preferably someone who can teach the ropes to the other players, but I like how the rulebook says “just try different things, you aren’t going to win your first round, and that’s okay, its the best way to learn.” So true. Don’t worry about winning the first 1 or 2 rounds, get used to the mechanics, and how the choices you have impact the options down the road, each person can find their own particular path to victory, vs other games that you have to discover the “true” strategy. All in all, this game has been a huge hit in my circle, and they clamor to try it again and again determined that have found a new way to win. That is the hallmark of a great game in my book.

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2 out of 2 gamers thought this review was helpful
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Go to the The 7th Continent page
Meauxmen {Avid Gamer} Apr 23rd, 2018
“Lost, Confused...and Loving it.”

Were you a fan of the TV show LOST? Have you ever wondered how you would do if you woke up on a deserted island knowing something was terribly wrong but unsure of what exactly it was, equally unsure of where you are, and still worse, how to get home? Then rip off some jungle vines and lash together your survivalist skills in this awesome and unpredictable game The 7th Continent by #seriouspoulp. I recently received my copy from Kickstarter, I don’t think it’s out in general publication yet, but if you are a gamer who loves adventures then you should reserve a copy today from your local supplier. This game enhances the mystery of island exploration with a fun “fog of war” mechanic that keeps benefits and conflicts hidden until you commit to exploring a region. Each explorer on your team adds a new level of team play, will you venture together for safety in numbers? Or run off to cover more territory. Careful though, you quickly learn you are cursed and if you don’t solve it before your deck of actions run out you risk destruction. You have to keep your wits about you and delve into the beautiful geographic art on the cards, can you find the hidden clues to lead you? Or will you wander aimlessly? This game has been great for me and Elena, it’s fun with just two players which is great news for people who can’t find a large enough gaming group to commit to a game like this. It does seem to be on the longer side. We have played two rounds now and haven’t finished our first game yet. But don’t worry! You don’t need to reserve your tabletop for just this game. The creators have a great “save point” system in place that lets you pause and clean up your game and come right back where you left off with minimal hassle. This is awesome for people with busy lives and kids that don’t have huge blocks of time to dedicate to an epic adventure. It also has a fun way to allow new explorers to jump in mid-game or bow out if the party wants to keep going after they leave. The thrill of play and exploration has been great. I look forward to seeing how it ramps up as we come closer to the end, but I know that I don’t need to wait to give this title a hearty endorsement.

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3 out of 3 gamers thought this review was helpful

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