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Player Avatar
Gave My First Grade
Go to the Sleeping Queens page
ailidh {Casual Gamer} Jul 28th, 2016
“Great game for kids (shhh...don't tell anyone its fun for adults too)!”

Our daughters, ages 7 & 9 LOVE this game. Honestly, my husband and I thought it’d be just another card game for the family, but since we’ve opened it we’ve played for up to two hours, 3-4x’s a week!

It’s a creative card game, using different character cards to wake the sleeping queens. Not a ton of strategy is involved, so it’s a quick game for younger children to learn, while being complex in utilizing math skills to get rid of number cards and replace them with face cards.

My husband and the girls were playing with the straight rules, 50 points or 5 queens wins the game with 2-3 player. They recommend 40 points or 4 queens with 4 player. I suggested we play to 5 queens or 50 points to make it a little more challenging. We’ve all enjoyed the challenge more.

Watch out, Uno! I think Sleeping Queens stole your thunder.

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6 out of 6 gamers thought this review was helpful
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AEG fan
Tasty Minstrel Games Fan
Go to the Ticket to Ride page
B. Chereaux {Avid Gamer} Jul 28th, 2016
“I Keep Coming Back”

This is supposed to be a gateway game, but I keep coming back over and over again. The game while incredibly simple, offers a decent amount of strategic opportunity and a wealth of expansions to broaden your horizons at will.
I’m sure that basic gameplay has already been covered to death, so I would like to focus on what this game has to offer that makes it stand out in my collection, and why it should be added to yours as soon as possible.
The simplicity of the games’ mechanics are where Ticket to Ride really shines. my 8 year old nephew could pick it up and be competitive on his first game. However, there is also enough depth to the strategy that my eurogaming friends request this game as well.
The pieces are of the highest quality, as to be expected with DOW. However, the thing that sets companies like DOW and Fantasy Flight apart from everyone else is the quality in the base game continues in the expansions.
The expansions themselves are a great selling point. All of them are wonderful, but NONE of them are required to get a lot of enjoyment out of this game. I believe that is the mark of a good gaming line. The expansions add some interesting and new mechanics, but are not a must have to get high replay value from the game.
All in all, it is so much more than just a “gateway game”. With all the ways offered to the player for a unique experience, coupled with the smoothness of gameplay, this one is sure to leave the shelf at least once a month.

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4 out of 4 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Go to the Adventure Time Card Wars page
SpookyMulder {Avid Gamer} Jul 24th, 2016
“Adventureland Visit”

I was confused by this Explodable this time because it looked like the same game. I know Adventureland is on many games at the store because I guess it makes people buy it. I did play Adventureland for a Muchkin but when I read what they were talking about this was not that. I know there are more packages for this than is on the list so people will buy it who like Adventureland. I can understand because if Drizzt was on a Love Letter I would put it in my pocket.

Reading this game it is something I played. It is like Magic Cards but something easier. Everyone has the decks for the Adventureland people on the list. The story above tells you how to play which is fine. Magoc Cards os very hard and this is easier but it is not too easy to play and you will lose if you play against someone who is a better player. This is why I only played it once and did not try cards for another person on the list.

At the store they have a game with the Adventureland vampire girl who I like for this. But I will not play it against someone who is better even if I like the girl.

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11 out of 28 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Go to the Dead Men Tell No Tales page
gamer509 {Avid Gamer} Jul 22nd, 2016
“Avast Ye matey!”

Who doesn’t love plundering a pirate ship while it’s burning and the ghost of the dead pirate Captain and his henchmen try to kill you! The theme is furthered with the artwork on the modular tiles and the character sheets as well as the items you can use throughout the game.

The second aspect of the game that perked my interest were the mechanics. There are a number of them that are unique with some common ones thrown in as well. The board (pirate ship) is represented by randomly drawn modular tiles that play against a frame (ships hull) Modular boards are not unique, but what is unique about these is that each one has a “fire” level indicated on it by a colored square in the center. You then roll either a red or yellow D6(depending on the color of the square on the tile) to determine the fire level of that room. The fire level can have many effects. It can effect the “fatigue of the pirate trying to cross through it (more on this in a minute!) it can also cause casks of gunpowder to explode effectively closing surrounding rooms and destroying treasure around that room. There are cards that are drawn that can cause the fire level in a room to rise. These cards will have an image of a yellow or red square on them and that require you to raise the level in any room by one if they have the indicated colored die in them.
A character must be able to board and leave the ship with treasure without becoming “fatigued”. To track your fatigue each player has counter (looks like a clockface) with an arrow to indicate your fatigue level. Moving through rooms that are on fire requires you to lose fatigue. you can also opt to run, but that costs twice the amount of fatigue. Fatigue is also spent carrying treasure off the ship. Once you have gained treasure you can only walk and the burden caused more fatigue to be lost.

Over all I like this game. It has a fun theme and some unique mechanics, but it doesn’t seem to hit our table all that often. I thinks its primarily because it can be a bit fiddley dealing with the fatigue counter which is an important part of the strategy and planning for the players.

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12 out of 12 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Private eye
Go to the Ground Floor page
“Moving on Up ”

I have played quite a bit of Belfort from TMG and a bit of Ground Floor and have to say it doesn’t stray far from the Belfort mold – but it doesn’t have to. Instead of using dwarves and elves to build guilds and taverns, you are building a corporation with a large layer of Euro feel and crunchier mechanics stuck on top.

Ground Floor is a satisfying weighty Euro experience, but there is a lot going on and too many different strategic and tactical routes to take to not require a learning curve and repeated play to find your feet.

Ground Floor will definitely feed the beast for a deep and immersive entrepreneurial simulation, if that’s your sort of thing. It does feel very corporate and that might not be for everyone.

When it comes to Ground Floor vs Belfort it really is a matter of business or pleasure.

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21 out of 26 gamers thought this review was helpful

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