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Player Avatar
Go to the Wasteland Express Delivery Service page
n0rseMN Dec 12th, 2018
“Very fun game and great build quality.”

Played this game and really liked the flow of the turns and the varied approaches you can take to win. The components and build quality are top notch and the game offers tons of replayability. As others have noted, it would be nice to have slightly more interaction between players, but I think this will be optimized slightly with 3-4 players. With 2 players, there’s plenty of room on the board to largely avoid conflict. Highly recommend this game!

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Belfort Fan
The Bronze Heart
Go to the Sushi Go Party! page
NS Oakey {Avid Gamer} Nov 26th, 2018
“Maki some room at the table”

Sushi Go is a fun fast card game that is a pick pass and play style so strategy is based on collecting what you need, but also paying attention to stopping your neighbour from completing a set. I enjoyed playing it, until I was invited to the Sushi Go Party! This expansion improves the game 8 fold! Not only can more players join the feast, but the ability to mix up the cards you use means the expansion has much more replay value.

The game suggests several combinations that work well, but we’ve found randomly selection is also a treat.

A fun game for adults and children (fair warning some of the mechanics for points might be confusing to the littlest in your group) Some of the ‘special’ cards can be confusing to first time players, regardless of age, but most everyone catches on quickly in the first round.

The art is delightful, and the style of the board and components are sturdy. My only complaints are the scoring track is narrow if you’ve got more than four players and the vacu-form insert for card storage does not allow you to keep cards sorted, we all wish it was more like the dominion inserts.

Really the only downside is that playing makes me hungry!

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5 out of 5 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Go to the The Great Zimbabwe page
Larckin {Avid Gamer} Nov 20th, 2018
“Ancient African Empires worshipped a variety of Gods in order to thrive!”

Brief description: Ancient African culture theme of God worship and civilisation building based on this worship. Build the greatest monument for/to/with your God through resources, craftsmen and technology.

Why did I rate? Replay value is high as the board size is determined by number of players, but actual board tiles are modular and random (except for start tile). Components are beautifully designed and elegant, and fit the theme perfectly. This is the easiest of the Splotter Spellen games to learn and play, and relatively easy to learn, but hard to master as there are many strategies and paths to victory.

Good investment? Expensive and Rare. If you like having rare games that are fun to play in your collection, you wont regret buying it.

Gameplay and game flow? Smooth flow with a unique bidding system for turn-order (pay cattle to buy privilege) and unique mechanism for setting your victory point target. The more power you buy/gain the greater your victory target becomes. Fantastic self-regulating mechanism which keep the tension high.

Replay value? High due to modular board, random board placement and varying size/shape board based on number of players.

Type of Game? Strategy (Abstract) – Civilisation and economic resource and route building simulation for ancient African cultures.

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4 out of 6 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Go to the Evolution: Climate page
God Keizer {Casual Gamer} Nov 18th, 2018

Lovely is not the correct word, it’s cutt-throat. You need as a non carnivore to sacrifice cards to become too big to be eaten. The game has countless combinations.

You can influence the climate, preferring your species and hurting others.

The only negative is the take-that (picking on the weaker ones, me in this case, 3 times in a row, is not fun at all; i even considered walking away. The solution was of course to become instantly bigger, but I learned this lesson too slow. Still the dynamics are off the scale.
Highly recommended, this and only this version. The species tracks have holes that keep the blocks in place. The food bonus/malus is very elegant. We didn’t trigger the climate events, but they are there.

Requires shuffling a lot and at least 1 round of playing to have the game click.

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2 out of 4 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Go to the Peloponnes (4th ed) page
God Keizer {Casual Gamer} Nov 18th, 2018
“Get Grain.”

Peloponnes starts with drawing a random starting city, each with a different number in red (center) that determines the initial order of play. I also ordered the ocean expansion, adding a handful of other starting cities.

On each card there are numbers and icons, basically ordered as
left = what you must pay
right = what it gives you
top = once
bottom = systematically every turn.
Once you repeat that a few times everyone gets it.

Each round 5 tiles are drawn from deck A until it is depleted, then from deck B then C, and if you have the ocean expansion and decided beforehand on the longer game, you also do D, otherwise it’s done after C.

You bid in order on one tile or pass, if you don’t have enough money, and some events come up that require you to pay 1 grain for each citizen or else the part of citizens that can’t eat dies. If you come up grain short, you can supplement from luxury goods ( luxury goods thematically are sold to the barbarians outside Greece and you get 1 ‘grain’ for each 2 lux).

You can focus on being exceptionally well in wood or stone, which overflows and becomes luxury goods. People often forget that grain tiles are very important, so they get underbid a bit.

Furthermore there are some distasters that flavor up the game a bit, but it’s mostly tableau management. What makes this game so much fun?
1. Replayability. Each faction is different enough and the combinations are many ( 10! ~3.7 million)
2. managing your tableau and buildings/land starts off easy but becomes more complex in a linear fashion.
3. game doesn’t take long, under 30 minutes, with no downtime.
4. exciting bidding and events invite you to adapt.
5. the components shuffle well, and setup and teardown time is minimal, under a minute.
6. No dice, no card shuffling, but random nonetheless!
7. Almost no explanation needed (provided you know the rules) people can immediately learn on-the-go.

I did get a cloth drawstring bag to make the drawing of lots (starting cities) a bit more thematic. And I added a black drawstring bag for increased drama if a possible disaster fiche had to be drawn.

I did have some difficulties understanding the rules there were some caveats that required re-reading but after setting it up myself and playing against my alter ego I quickly got it. After that it is easy to teach.
I introduced the game to about 2+5+3+3+3 ~ 15 different persons and except for my gf that always hated when she had to let her population starve, everyone else liked it and would like to play again.

There is no take-that, but it’s not autistic my little kingdom either, it has some interactive moments, namely the bidding. You can sometimes outbid someone that desperately needs some resource, but then again they probably should have managed their kingdom better, so it’s not really that aggressive.

Highly recommended, there is absolutely nothing I can criticize the game on, only the box is a bit big, it allows for expansions, but this version is the only one I will ever want anyway, so I might cut up my box to make it half the size it is.

On the light side for gamers, a bit too light for heavy euro gamers, but for them it would be a nice warmup/cooldown game.

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4 out of 4 gamers thought this review was helpful

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