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Player Avatar
Gamer - Level 6
I Walk the Talk!
Go to the Krosmaster: Arena page
Cloverinc {Family Gamer} Oct 23rd, 2014
“Its all about the miniatures”

Krosmaster Arena is all about the miniatures and simple gameplay. It’s your typical battle game with just enough tactical for casual players like me.

After building your team of 4 Krosmasters the first player activates his character one after another to move and / or to spend actions point to cast spells, buy special powers and grab coins. You start the game with 6 Gallons of Glory (GG) and the objective is to remove the other players GG by knocking out his character or stealing his GG for 10 gold. The last one standing with GG’s is the winner.

- The miniatures
- The components and the 3D elements
- Simple game mechanics
- Easy to learn and easy to teach, thanks to the rulebook and the tutorials
- Fast to set up
- Plays around an hour
- Fun to play
- And again the miniatures
- The 3D boxes that are hard to build and keeps falling apart
- Need to buy more miniatures for better replayability
- The cost of the game

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12 out of 15 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Go to the Machi Koro  page
Rothro {Avid Gamer} Oct 22nd, 2014
“Very easy to learn, play and enjoy”

Played this the other day and I added it to my favourites on this website right away. This game was explained to me as Catan but with money and cards. It’s not too far off. The basic thing is you and your opponents are building towns and the first to build their 4 landmarks first is the winner. You do this by buying buildings to add to your city and then you roll a die or 2 if/when you get the landmark that grants that ability and then according to the buildings in you town you get money. You need to pay attention when it’s not your turn cause you can still get money on another player’s turn. There are 4 types of buildings- Green provides money when you have a building with the number you rolled, blue which provides money on anyone’s turn, red which you take money from the person who rolled that number and purple which you take money from the person when you roll the number. You can have multiple copies of each building except for purple ones and you may only make 1 purchase per turn. Good game and I highly recommend playing it if you get the chance or create the chance by buying the game.

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5 out of 9 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Go to the Eminent Domain page
Rothro {Avid Gamer} Oct 22nd, 2014
“Little hard to learn”

This game was explained to me and I wasn’t sure my friend was speaking English as he was talking cause nothing made sense about what he was saying. I played a round and then I knew what I was doing and what to do enough that I played a decent game for a first timer. Deck building games are not my thing. Some are good but most don’t appeal to me beyond playing once. This one is not like that. I won’t die with regrets if I never play again but I wouldn’t turn down a chance to play again. It’s fairly simple once you know how to play but if you’re first learning from a friend lime I was my suggestion is to ask questions otherwise you might not give this game the chance it deserves. The basic concept is to gain control of planets either by colonizing them or using war to conquer them and then using those planets to gain actions or produce resources to then trade those resources for pts. I recommend you give this game a chance.

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3 out of 8 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Go to the Xia: Legends of a Drift System page
Rothro {Avid Gamer} Oct 22nd, 2014
“Long to play and hard to learn”

I played this and I did horribly (the game hates me) but I did have a good time playing. It is not easy to learn from being told how to play or reading the rule book. The best way to learn this game is by playing once and doing horribly and you will understand how to play just a few turns in. The only thing is set aside a good amount of time cause I played for 3 hrs and had a good time but the game was about 75% done. We also were playing to 15VP instead of the standard 20 pt game. I have played only once so I am not sure about the replay value but the game pieces are very nice (love the metal coins) although it may be hard to find your ship as they are not labelled so you need to look at each game piece to find the one that is yours. I do recommend it if you are into heavy games that take some thinking to play.

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4 out of 7 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Gamer - Level 5
Go to the Rivet Wars page
RevBob {Avid Gamer} Oct 22nd, 2014
“Steampunk Mini Wargaming for the Boardgamer”

I had my reservations about Rivet Wars. I loved the look of the pieces, the steampunk theme, but was unsure about game play. In the end I am very glad with the purchase, it has filled a perfect niche in my collection.
The game sets up and plays like a board game:
1) You draw/discard cards
2) You deploy your troops, depending on cost
3) You move and attack
4) Collect points
The game board is set up per scenario, with each scenario having its own win condition, usually a Victory Point total, but sometimes including specific objectives.
The above is a simplified description of play, as their are finer points to each of the steps, but it is the simplicity of the game that makes work for me.
The 2 kinds of cards really add to the board game feel:
1) Secret Mission – these cards give you minor objectives to try to achieve for bonus points.
2) Action! – cards that give you special actions, attacks or bonuses during play.
As well as the Score Tracker with card placement, Victory Points, and Rivets (your currency for deploying troops). Clearly visible in one spot for both players, adds to the board game feel.

Keep in mind, this is still a miniature war game, but there are no tape measures, tools needed to figure line of sight, or fiddly mechanics. There’s more dark humor than serious tactics.

1) This is not a realistic tactics, serious war game. It not meant to be serious at all.
2) Its not about painting finely detailed, realistic miniatures. Though the minis are really cool looking, and people do a great job painting them.
3) The number of cards, both action and secret mission, are a little too limited for standard game play.
4) There’s a limited number of scenarios.
5) You can still spend quite a bot of money on expansions.

1) This is not a realistic tactics, serious war game. Its not meant to be serious at all.
2) Its not about painting finely detailed, realistic miniatures. Though the minis are really cool looking, and people do a great job painting them.
3) Set up and Game play is fast.
4) There are lots of scenarios you can download for free to supplement the core set.
5) The Core Set has everything you need to play. Minis for both sides, grids, tokens, scenarios – everything you need for basic play. A full miniatures war game (light) for $70.
6) There are 3 expansions already out and 3 more on the way, including air combat and support adding more replay value.
7) It is easy to learn and teach.

I got this game cause I wanted a miniature wargame, but I did not want to have to piece together an army, or paint figures, or use a measuring tape or tools for line of site or distance.
I did not want a new hobby, but a complete game in a box and I got just that. AND, I am a sucker for steampunk cartoon minis.However, I like the game enough I will be buying the expansions.

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9 out of 9 gamers thought this review was helpful

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