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Player Avatar
I Am What I Am
Go to the Munchkin page
Nils {Casual Gamer} Oct 10th, 2015
“Dungeon fun with funny side”

Munchkin is a very special game! Incredibly fun and with a definite strategic side but still easily manageable.

Equipped (or not) with a lot of awesome gear, you and your friends are walking around a dungeon searching for treasures. But the treasures are well kept and you will have to face monsters and the wrath of your fellow adventurers to be the first to reach the ultimate treasure hiding deep inside the dungeon (reach level 10).

A bit complicated to grasp at first if you are not familiar with basic Dungeon & Dragons rules but becomes an awful lot of fun when played with quite a few player around the table. Alliances and backstabbing come and go in this hilarious game.

Build you character from the ground up and become the greatest dungeon raider!

Well recommended !

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Player Avatar
I'm a Real Person
Go to the Zombies!!! (2ed) page
Rabbitmann {Avid Gamer} Oct 9th, 2015
“I mean...”

I want to really like this… I do.. because.. you know… Zombies.
Every time I play it I leave the table with a serious case of the Meh.
It’s slow. It’s cumbersome, and you never really feel like you are making headway. When someone does win you aren’t even mad it wasn’t you. Because you get to leave. This is not so much a game about surviving and evacuating a city full of undead hoards. It’s more a game of surviving and evacuating this game table.

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I'm a Real Person
Go to the Relic page
Rabbitmann {Avid Gamer} Oct 9th, 2015
“I'm going to catch hell for this.”

I loved Talisman and I loved 40K.
I did not love this game.
Its a wonderful re-skin. It looks gorgeous. It’s the bits that were added that just seemed to confuse and bog the game. Cunning didn’t need to happen. nor did they really need to break things down to 3 decks.
And at its core It’s still wondering around the outer ring for an hour and a half praying for a little luck. Just less fun.
If you liked Talisman you will like this one too. Just a little less.
If you did not like talisman go ahead and pass up on this one.

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Player Avatar
I'm a Real Person
Go to the Pretty Pretty Smash Up page
Rabbitmann {Avid Gamer} Oct 9th, 2015
“Cute but deadly”

Never have I seen an expansion with such raw power before.
These guys get it done. Kittens are hard core board staters with abilities to knock out their own. mix with the OG Zombies and you have an absolute power house. The fairies are the second half of geeks and a god send answer for anyone who thinks it’s fun to play with steampunks or cyber apes. Princesses, dear lord. All one of 5 power minions and they don’t play fair with frying pans and true love’s kisses. And ponies. THE PONIES! Because we needed one more reason to play with our robots.
This expansion is a MUST have addition to your game. You wont regret the added power to any game of smash up.

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2 out of 6 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Z-Man Games fan
Plaid Hat Games fan
Junior Reporter
Go to the Zombicide page
HarryCallaghan79 {Avid Gamer} Oct 9th, 2015
“Living the Dream”

Imagine the scenario: You and your mate have been pushed back to the last intersection. The ravenous, undead horde are piled up on the street in front of you! You have the water, the canned food and the bag of rice you need between you and the exit is up the street to your left. Your mate shouts, “What will we do? If we stay here, we’ll die, but if we run for it, those sprinting zombies will have us! We’re not going to finish this!”
You take a deep breath, “One of us will make it!” With that, you fire up the chainsaw and wade forward into the hordes of the undead swinging like a wild man playing 100 ball squash. just like the hero you always knew you were.
You’re friend gives you one final look, nods silently (he knows what you are doing, and why, and runs for the exit. The zombies fall on you, feasting, ignoring him and giving him that last move to get to the exit and…. You high five each other for finally finishing the first amazing level of Zombicide! WOOHOO! It feels EPIC.
This sums up what I love about this game. I have always imagined the end of world setting and what would I do if it came. Every red-blooded male has a plan for the zombie apocalypse, where we would go, who we would check to see if they are alive (who would be useful) and what would make good weapons within every room we enter.
Zombicide is played on a modular board that can be changed for every game. You can stick to the missions in the book, which range wildly from easy to extremely difficult or create your own mission.
I now that there are games that deal with the human, more psychological elements of the zombie genre but this here is the ‘Die Hard’ of Zombie board games. That’s okay with me!
This game is about action and survival and you will not survive unless you work together. The dice add the luck factor to all of your attacks but that’s okay. These characters are not professional killers and zombies shouldn’t die too easily. There should always be an element of risk when attacking them and the game portrays that excellently.
I really love the leveling-up aspect of the game, it gets tougher as you get stronger and that is how it should be.
Players start with a choice of three actions, ranging from moving to attacking to opening doors to making noise for distracting zombies etc. As the game progresses and you kill zombies, you level up, just like an RPG and get more actions followed by specific skills at later level ups.
One reason why I love this over an RPG is that at the start of every mission all the players start from scratch. You don’t have to chart exp and equipment and have the same players every time you play. I think that is refreshing and adds to the experience as it is a true beer and chips game.
Any group can sit down and play, new players will be up to speed within 5 minutes and you’ll all be kicking zombie ******** by 10 minutes. Later though, you’ll be be quietly stressing as the game went from fun and easy to tense and unforgiving.
If I had one criticism it is that the game does not scale well with four or five players. For all other player amount the six characters are used. For four or five the rulebook says 1 Character each but doesn’t modify the amounts of zombies. This can be fixed by just having one or two people take an extra character, so it is a minor point, but one that should be made.
Seriously, this is hands down one of the best games I have played with my group, it is just focused on giving fun and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear and telling stories from each night to everyone at work or mates whenever you are out, they won’t understand unless they are gamers, but who cares! You remember how epic it was and you know you are ready for the zombie apocalypse when it comes thanks to this awesome game. Get It.

Replay Value: Different missions and create your own. A never ending supply of zombie madness! After that there are more seasons and expansions. It may cost a fair price but it is worth it due to what it gives back.

Components: Beautiful miniatures and they didn’t just do one kind of zombie! There are six different models for the 70 something regular zombies, 2 different models for the 20 something sprinters and fatties and the Abomination! Great single player models. Only criticism is one is colored quite close to the zombies! and can require a search to find him from time to time. (Particularly as more beers are drank!)

Easy to Learn: Very easy to understand rulebook with clear pictures explaining what it being taught. Excellent.

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39 out of 44 gamers thought this review was helpful

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