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Player Avatar
Go to the Arcadia Quest page
Peach {Avid Gamer} Oct 19th, 2014
“Great Entry Game”

The game isn’t the most deep game when you really look at it, but in truth, it replays really great and opens the door for a great amount of home brew scenarios with the components.

Exploding dice are always fun for our game group, but the thing that has been really bad in this game is the steam rolling. Once someone starts winning or gets a lucky scenario, it all starts to work in their favor because obviously having better equipment leads to doing better.

I was concerned about that before buying the game, but most competitive games have that. Legendary begins to roll once someone gets an ultimate card, Catan rolls once someone has a city, it all starts to go their way. So really, most games have them, and you can counter this, but in Arcadia it’s harder because some people still have starter equipment and can’t touch late enemies or other players.

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1 out of 3 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Go to the The Palaces of Carrara page
dondenemo Oct 19th, 2014
“This game is the good looking brother of Brugge!!”

Things that I love of Palace of Carrara are: easiness to learn, replay value. In Carrara you are one of four aristocratic families in the Italy of 16th Century or so, you are competing to gain the favour if the king through building gorgeous medieval buildings in different cities, by doing so you receive VPs, you can achieve it by different ways, either enhancing cities buildings or building motor “decks” per building type. The game gains replay-ability through a deck of cards that set the VPs criteria and ending objectives. The components are beautiful, the map, objects and tiles match perfectly to each other and theme. We had played it with my kids ( 14yo and 8 yo) several times now. its a great family game, length of play we experienced is about 45 min to 1 hours 4 players. So far I rank this game at same level to one of our favourites:Brugge. Both games share the same flavour, both are able to immerse players through time and makes you really believe you are in the renascence Italy. fully recommend it for families, if you loved Brugge, consider this as his enhanced brother.

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6 out of 8 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
AEG fan
Miniature Painter
Go to the Sentinels of the Multiverse page
Topdecker {Avid Gamer} Oct 18th, 2014
“Beautifully implemented but tablet only”

If you are familiar with Sentinels of the Multiverse, the first thing that will strike you about the app version of the game is how faithfully both the imagery and rules have been implemented. The art has actually been nicely expanded, with the locations being more detailed and most villains have alternate art.

Considering presentation and user interface, SotM is top notch at all levels. It is a lovely game, with crisp, clean graphics, and the user interface is consistent and friendly to use. The only annoyance is that in order to read cards, you have to zoom into them, but this is handled very nicely indeed as they intelligently allow you to play the cards from zoom and advance through other cards as well.

Playing the game is fun and friendly. The rules are all cleanly implemented and nary a book keeping error will happen which is nice given this game’s propensity for modifiers. There are opportunities to allow the game to decide how to allocate damage or healing which can be a nice time saver. The only niggling bit here is that it would simply be nice if there was a central place to look to see all of the modifiers in effect – as it stands now, I believe you have to step through cards and mentally arrive at what could just be shown.

In terms of stability, I found that the game was much more reliable once the page-style animation was turned off in the options. I am using an older Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it was crashing quite a bit until I disabled this option. Prior to disabling this, I suffered multiple crashes, with one being epic in the sense that my tablet turned completely off – something that I have not seen in three years of using this tablet.

The biggest downside is that this app is tablet only. There is just too much to display, I suppose, and it takes a tablet to play it. I’d still give it a try on a phablet…

All in all, SoTM is an excellent app that will almost certainly improve as time marches on and expansions are released.

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11 out of 13 gamers thought this review was helpful
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Sentinels of the Multiverse fan
Military Service
Go to the Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game page
masongamer {Power Gamer} Oct 18th, 2014
“Shadows Over Zombies”

Like another reviewer on here and others on the internet that question is asked “Do we need another Zombie game?” I do feel the zombie theme is overdone Plaid Hat has made an excellent game in Dead of Winter.

First off, this is not zombie killing fest. The zombies are not the primary antagonists, but instead an obstacle the players have to deal with throughout the game. In the game the players represent a group of survivors that have taken shelter in an abandoned warehouse in the dead of winter (hence the game’s title). The player’s have a choice of numerous objectives that much be achieved to win the game. Objectives can be chosen for a desired game length, anywhere from 45 min to 2 hours. Each player is then given an individual secret objective that if they complete the group objective and their objective allow them to win the game. Also, one of the secret objectives will make him/her the traitor. This dynamic makes the true antagonists of the game the players themselves as they try to complete the story objective as well as their own objectives.

After several plays I find the game is much more satisfying if there is indeed a traitor in the group. In the base rules 2 secret objectives are drawn for each player and one betrayer objective. These are then shuffled and randomly distributed amongst the players. To make a traitor more likely I draw one regular objective per player shuffle in the drawn betrayer objective.

Although the game does scale where for 2 players all the way to 5 players, the 2 player game could really only played cooperatively as the traitor player would be obvious.

I love this game, and at the time I write this it is #44 on the Dice Tower’s People’s Choice Top 100. If you like Shadow’s over Camelot and/or The Walking Dead, you will like this game.

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13 out of 13 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Gave My First Grade
Go to the Small World page
Brett Sobol {Avid Gamer} Oct 16th, 2014
“A Fast Game of Capture and Control”

Small World is a cartoon, fantasy version of RISK that’s been adapted for modern day attention spans. Here’s why you should play it:

1) Round Limit – The classic version of RISK is fun, but let’s be honest, how many times can you get it to the table? It’s hard to set aside hours to play a single game. Thankfully, there is Small World. In 30 minutes, you can choose to command multiple forces and conquer your way to small world domination.

2) No Player Elimination – Who wants to sit next to their friends and just watch them play games for hours? I know I don’t. If I’m there, I want to be in the action. In Small World, even if you get knocked down from the very beginning, you are not out of the game, and believe me, you will rise again!

3) Great Mechanics Keep The Flow Alive – Forget the war-game math. Small World makes it easy to process your turns with a height-based conquest system. Do visual math to see how many guys you need to take over a territory. Don’t have enough? Put your current race into decline, take no actions, and next turn, you can choose another brand new force to command!

4) Unique, Modular Abilities – As if the game wasn’t cool enough with its modern day take on RISK, Small World gives each set of troops a unique racial skill and pairs it with an additional ability. One game you can have Dragon Master Dwarves, who earn extra points for conquering mines and can control a dragon to destroy even the most fortified of settlements! Then, the next game you may have Mounted Dwarves that roam the plains.

5) Multiple Boards – Depending on the number of players, you will have a different game board to test your mettle, and the more players, the more conflict!

6) Gorgeous Deluxe Edition – Check out the new Small World Deluxe Edition that just launched. It is beautiful!

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18 out of 20 gamers thought this review was helpful

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