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GOOTMU - Board Game Box Shot


| Published: 1992
GOOTMU stands for "Get Out Of The Maze Unit." Your job is to collect the three pieces of your GOOTMU before the other players do.

GOOTMU is played on a number of tiles with 16 spaces each (shown in the picture is a board using 16 tiles of the many available), which assemble into a random playing board. The number of tiles used depends on the number of players in the game. The board is wrap-around; if you walk off an edge of the board, you reenter on the opposite side.

You get to decide where on the playing board your playing piece starts. Unfortunately, one of your opponents then decides where your 3 GOOTMUs are placed. Rest assured, your opponent will find the most difficult places on the board to put your GOOTMUs. Fortunately, you get to do the same thing to your opponent.

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