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7th Sea is a game of high seas swashbuckling and ship-to-ship combat. In 7th Sea, you are the captain of a ship fighting for control of the seas of Théah. Whether you want to board your opponents and fight with swords, blast them with your cannons, or simply ram them to the bottom of the sea, you will organize your crew and adventure across the seas until the time is right to strike.

7th Sea is a Collectible Card Game, which means that there are hundreds of cards available for you to play with. If you have a starter deck, you have 60 of those cards right now. As you play you will discover that part of the fun of a collectible card game is tracking down the ones that work best for you. When the game was in print, you could expect to see new cards for 7th Sea every 3 to 4 months as the nations of Théah fight for control of the seas.

7th Sea was both in decks (that also held rulebooks or rulesheets) and packs. There was a deck for each faction in the game which included a Captain, a Ship, and one special card for that nation. The packs were not nation-specific.

The object of the game in 7th Sea is very simple – either to control the seas, or to be the last Captain sailing the seas of Théah. You win the game when all the other Captains have been sunk, or if you are the only player to have a Control Sea Attachment card in each of the five seas at the end of the turn. You can play with any number of players as long as you have at least two.


1999 Origins Awards Best Trading Card Game Winner
1999 Origins Awards Best Graphic Presentation of a Card Game or Supplement Winner

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