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These 2 little pigs will keep you entertained all day long. This Pass the Pigs classic party game consists of 2 pigs you use as dice, pad, 2 pencils and carrying case. Roll them as many times as you dare on your turn to score points. Just don't role a "pig out" or an "oinker". First person to 100 points wins. Makes an ideal travel game with its small plastic carrying case. Imported.

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“The most adorable dice game ever!”

Have you ever thought that dice would be so much better if they were pigs instead of cubes or dodecahedrons? If so, there is no reason to read any more of my blather. Go buy this right now!


For the 99.99999% of you who read that and are confused, yet did not click “not helpful” and moved on, Pass the Pigs is a clever push your luck dice game that replaces your tried and true cubes with adorable, slightly squishy pink piggies.


You already said that.

Well, what is in the box? Wait, that isn’t a box…

Nope. It is a plastic case. You pull on the ends, and the inside slides out. There isn’t much here, but it is everything you need to play in a small container. There is a scorepad, two little pencils, a scoring reference sheet and the aforementioned (slightly) squishy pink piggies.

What do you do?

Take the pigs and roll them like dice. You score points based upon how the pigs land. For example, if they land on their feet or on their back, you get five points for that pig. If both land the same way (on their backs, for example) you get bonus points (in this case, you score 20). They can land on their snout or jowls for even more points.

As previously stated, this is a push your luck game. You keep rolling the glorious bacon givers, racking up points, until you decide to stop and bank the points you earned that round. If the pigs end up on their sides, one on their right and one on their left, your turn ends and you get no points that round. If the pigs land and are touching, your turn ends and you lose all points you had accumulated so far this game. Play continues until a player reaches a pre-determined number of points.


Is two tiny rubber pigs in a plastic case for somewhere around $12.00? Sure, but it is so much more than just that. It is two tiny rubber pigs in a plastic case that you throw around on the table like dice hoping one or both will land with their snout on the surface and their hind legs up in the air!

The case is easy to carry, can fit in a pocket or purse, contains writing implements and scorepad and can be pulled out to keep the kids quiet at the restaurant for a little while. Certainly just a novelty for adults, but something your kids will be up for playing again and again. If you have little ones, I guarantee you spent this much or more on things that get a lot less mileage than these delightful little oinkers. Just keep them out of their mouths. They don’t actually taste like a spiral ham, and they don’t stand up as well with teeth marks all over them.

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“Easy to bring to the table”

I’ve had this game for years. It is one of the few games on my shelf that survives the test of time due to it’s simplicity. It is easy, roll pigs and tally score. Different positions give different point values and the player can push for more points or stop rolling and… pass the pigs.

Of course there is chance to Lose points. The pigs have a side with a dot and one without. If you roll a dot and side without you lose your points for the turn, this is called a pig out. If the pigs land and touch, this is called an oinker and you lose ALL points accumulated thus far.

There is also rules for optional play that can slightly change the way it’s played, but not drastically.

Overall it’s not a very deep game, it is just a dice game with a gimmick that works well. Yet this game can make for a fun filler (standard play time is about 20-30 minutes) and a good way to get people going.


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