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Murder of Crows (2nd ed)

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The Crows Saw it All.
Who died, who did it, where it happened… even how it was done. Your job is to use the cards in your hand to piece together the facts and reveal the dastardly deed… spell MURDER and you’ve won! But beware, your opponents’ goal is the same; steal their cards, counter their actions, or throw their investigation into disarray with a Wild Crow before they do it to you! At any moment a well-played card can shift the balance and seal someone's fate.

1st Edition vs. 2nd Edition
The 2nd Edition of Murder of Crows is an aesthetic upgrade to the original game. The cards are now tarot-sized, and Dungeoneer-creator Thomas Denmark’s atmospheric art has been given more space to shine. We’ve also upgraded our packaging from a tuck box to a beautiful aluminum tin, as seen with Hounded and Lost in R’lyeh. We added some reference cards, and a two-player variant, but none of the rules have changed!

Murder in the Third
Murder of Crows 2nd Edition introduces the long-awaited two-player variant, The Murdered Third! In The Murdered Third, two living players vie to reveal their MURDER first, while contending with the random flips of a non-existent (“murdered”) third player. If you own Murder of Crows 1st Edition, you don’t need to buy 2nd Edition to enjoy The Murdered Third—the rules fit on a single card, which you can download for free!

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“Competitive Storytelling”

This game is a fun twist on the storytelling genre. While the point of the game is not really to tell a compelling story, the creators ingeniously added a line for the story to the bottom of each card so that, at the end of the game there is a fun little tale of murder most fowl!

Components: This is a card game, and uses slightly oversized cards with fantastic artwork reminiscent of an early 90s comic book or the Series of Unfortunate Events book series. The cards themselves are not the thickest I’ve played with, so if you can find sleeves for them, please let me know where. My copy of the 2nd edition came in a cool tin instead of a cardboard box. Either way, it takes up a very small amount of shelf space.

Gameplay: Players take turns drawing and laying down cards in front of themselves trying to spell the word MURDER. Each card is a letter in the word and also allows the player to do a specific action: steal a card, force opponents to discard, draw an extra card, etc. My wife does not enjoy complicated games, but this was easy to teach and has a humorously dark theme. Our friends find it easy to learn as well.

Pros: Quick to learn
Small shelf space
Very affordable

Cons: Cards feel a bit cheap
It would be difficult to find sleeves for the oddly sized cards

Overall: This is a fun game with a humorously dark theme. The artwork is not gruesome, but maybe more appropriate for kids 10 and up. Easy to teach and plays a game in about fifteen to twenty minutes.


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