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Escape from Elba - Board Game Box Shot

Escape from Elba

In 1814 Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to the island of Elba with 400 French troops, the run of the island, a fleet of ships, a huge annual pension, and one English man named Niall Campbell whose job was to keep him from leaving.

Needless to say, he left.

This is not that story.

Now Napoleon, which is you, finds himself (or herself) back at Elba, or so it would seem. Niall Campbell is back, along with ten other people who claim to be Napoleon, which is crazy since that’s obviously you.

Your mission is simple. Collect the few special items you need to escape from Elba (like perhaps a gun, a fish, an eel, and a labeling machine) and rush straight home to become Emperor of France.

Bonne Chance!

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