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Expedition Zetta - Board Game Box Shot

Expedition Zetta

| Published: 2018

EXPEDITION ZETTA is set in a retrofuturistic 1962. This is an alternate history where warp drive technology was invented in the 1950's, a time when space travel was magical and anything seemed possible--and it was! You represent a country that takes part in the maiden voyage of the first spaceship ever to use this new warp drive. The 1960's feel has been present as a goal in every design decision during the creation of Expedition Zetta.

Have you ever looked up in the sky, at all the stars, at the marvel of the universe and felt a curious nerve inside wanting to travel to these stars, see the planets there and maybe find life?

EXPEDITION ZETTA is a game about space exploration. It has a modular game system. Using the basic rules the game is easy to access for everyone. And if you are an experienced boardgamer you can use several or all advanced rules, which turns Expedition Zetta into a quite intricate and complex game.

You and your fellow players will each represent a country on the maiden voyage of the first starship to ever use the newly developed warp drive. The goal is to brave the unknown and collect discoveries in four different planetary systems. One player will bring the most fame and fortune to his or her home country.

Will it be YOU?

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