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37 out of 43 gamers thought this was helpful

Another one of Flying Frog’s Expansions. First off let me say I enjoy A TOuch of Evil a bit more than a lot of folks. I truly love the theme though the core game itself at time can have an anti-climatic ending. But I digress…first off about the expansion.

New Heroes a plus, new cards a plus, and a new villian…that is a big plus. The game is better with more villainsto choose from and this is the one place the game really needed a boost so a big kudos for that.

Now lets talk price….Flying Frog has a habit of releasing very small expansions at very high prices. They consistently do this and I would expect that they could combine two of their new expansions into one and make the value more reasonable. I am not a fan of hardly any of the Flying Frog expansion prices and I will not buy them anywhere near MSRP. This expansion in fact branded by any other company would go for about half the price they are charging.

So is it a good expansion…sure it is for some variety, nothing too new but thats ok. Is it worth the cost, not so much. Search the web and buy it where you can find it for about 12.99 and then I think you got yourself a good deal.

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Dice Town

35 out of 43 gamers thought this was helpful

Bought this game just before the holidays. Took it out, read the directions, and was ready to play in about an hour or so. The game plays 5 players wonerfully and seemed to play better with more folks.

The goal of the game is to build poker hands and then influence the town members. The cool thing is that having the best hand is not always the absolute best case scenario. For example a fistful of nines influences different characters while queens and kings work on other townsfolk. After all the dice are rolled, and by the way , there is an excellent mechanic to keep dice or to discard them while building your hand, the board plays itself out. That aspect is similar to Age of Empires Three if you have played.

Once those hands are played the real fun begins. The players then have cards and powers they have been accumulating in order to “jinx”the board….and it gets downright cutthroat.

Numerous strategies lead to victory in this game and it is possible to come from behind and wollop the whole gosh darned table. As far as ages, well my ten year olds played this as well and were able to compete. Some luck, some strategy, and lots of calculated risks make this game an absolute keeper in my house!!!!

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96 out of 105 gamers thought this was helpful

As a kid I played all sorts of games, some D&D, board, and whatever I could get my hands on. When I hit around 18-20 I began to drift away from them as women and partying became the utmost priority in my life. After college I joined the army and watched my love of games slowly diminish even more and then the final nail in the coffin was marriage and kids. Now we played games as a family, but more like Cranium and such.

And then it happened….sitting on the shelf was this box of minis with awesome terrain for 39.99. At the time I thought that was a lot of money to spend on a board game. But eventually I talked myself into so I would have something to play with my younger and older kids. I was also just getting out of the service and had lost a gret many friends so I kind of withdrew from a social sort of life as I coped with my own demons.

Well anyways, the older kids loved the game and the younger ones loved to just play with the minis and terrain. So we spent countless weekends playing this wonderful board game and I watched my family come closer as I began to reengage as a father (not that I was ever totally gone, just stunned for a bit I would be the best description).

After a while of playing this game with family I went online to find others who knew about it. It was that step that introduced me to hundreds of folks who were very normal and also loved playing with the their kids. Through the years we all became fast friends.

My family bought every expansion that came out and we still have a closet dedicated to only Heroscape. The odd thing was that this rekindled my fondness for games and since then we have hundreds of titles on our shelves. But if you ask me what is the best game of all time I would have to still say Heroscape, maybe it’s personal, maybe the friends and family I gained and regained after a tough time in my life have something to do with it. But then again maybe not, it could just be that giant robots fighting dinosaur riding orcs is just friggin awesome.

I know this game is expensive these days…but if you can find the master set I say go for it. You are only one purchase away from great memories with those around you!!!!

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Dixit Odyssey

57 out of 70 gamers thought this was helpful

So what to say about Dixit. Well I think I will approach this from my ten year olds eyes. She is an avid boardgamer as she was brought up on them. Currently I am seperated from my family as work has me in a different state from them. Whenever I talk to the little girl on the phone I always promise her numerous boardgame days when I get home to help ease the issue with me being gone for long periods of time right now.

So I walk through the door, usually with a new game in hand one of the first words out of her mouth after I love you is “can we play Dixit”. The original game had a few issues such as the scoring track and such. Dixit Odyssey has cleaned that up nicely and also added additional players options which came in very handy over the holidays. So do I like Dixit???? It’s a good game I suppose, I honestly think the expansion makes it far more acceptable and much easier to play.

What I do know about the game is that it is my little girls absolute favorite and it is a decent game for the rest of the family. That would mean then that I highly approve of it. Any game that can bring that much hapiness to my little dear is well worth the play. So for a room full of adults is this the right game???…at times I guess. For a family full of kids and friends,…..well, most excellent and highly recommended. I give it two kids thumbs up from my little princess 🙂

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93 out of 111 gamers thought this was helpful

I got a copy of this over Christmas and was very excited. The box was full of gamepiece goodies and I enjoy minatures. I do have o say though even my enjoyment has limits and the building of these minis became tedious very quickly. Once assembled though they look great and we are past that hurdle now.

The games I played were all 5 heroes and one overlord. I think the estimated time on the box for a game this size is seriously underrated. The game did become drawn out with this many players it seems and I am really looking forward to reducing the number of players down to four. I just don’t think six works unless you have dedicated players who want that type of game. Unfortunately, while game lovers, my family had a hard time staying interested that long.

One other issue I had with the game was the boss fight. I was so looking forward to romping on the heroes. It seemed by the time we got to that point though the romping was not going to happen….characters steam rolled my dragon in both games.

Al in all its a fun game, kinda closer to Heroquest than it is Descent. I think for long drawn out games though I actually prefer Descent and I am not looking for large player games with this again. I believe with 3 heroes the board wil play wonderfully and I am looking forward to gettting it out again and giving it a roll.

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Shadow Hunters

8 out of 45 gamers thought this was helpful

When you have numerous people at a table and still want to keep gameplay moving this is the game. Brilliantly handles large groups without everyone getting bored waiting for turns. A must for any large gaming group.

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63 out of 123 gamers thought this was helpful

My all time favorite game. Love playing this with my kids as the tension in each game is wonderful. So many great twists and turns and the absolute best dice mechanic ever. Very excited for second edition and the new updates. Essential piece for the dungeon delver gamer.

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31 out of 103 gamers thought this was helpful

Excellent game that truly tries ones wits. Its great to see average ordinary people lie through their teeth. Thats why I say good friends only really. Have seen people take this personally as the lie si he point of the game but sometimes it takes a lot of good lying to pull it off. This does not sit well with poor losers or people who can’t seperate the game from their relationships.

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34 out of 96 gamers thought this was helpful

Always fun to get out when the folks are over or with my ten year olds. Pieces keep it interesting.

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Red November

48 out of 110 gamers thought this was helpful

Find that the small board takes away greatly from this game. Very excited to see FF has released a larger version.

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21 out of 77 gamers thought this was helpful


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