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The S.S. Nvrsnks is going down, and who is always first off a sinking ship? The rats!

Abandon Ship is the new game in which you play to move your group of rats off the ship before the rising water drowns your furry friends. The Nvrsnks is also loaded with valuable points-earning cheese, but don’t let desire for that lovely food send your rats to the watery depths. The water level is rising, get to the boats!

In Abandon Ship, your opponents may also share some of the rats in your group, making for exciting decisions as they may want to move the rats in a different manner than you. Will their plan send yours into the drink? With easy rules and strategic gameplay, Abandon Ship is a great new game for the whole family!

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“Great Family Game”

This was a very simple game to play. My husband and I bought it as part of a set with two other games. It turned out to be a great game to play with our 6 year old. She loved it and it was a lot more fun than playing Candy Land with her. It was a great way to start introducing her to older board games.


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