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Mundus Novus

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Opening Broadsides
Mundus Novus is an attractive card-game in which players compete to win via one of two methods through the canny trading of Resources, skillful hand-management of cards and the shrewd acquisition of Developments.

The game-play involves charting a course to victory by either acquiring 75 coins or revealing a full set of 10 different Resources, before your opponents. To do this, you’ll need to trade your own cards with those of the other players to allow investment in Developments, which improve your ability to gain Coins – and/or Resources – in future rounds. Simply acquiring Developments will not lead to victory itself and the skill comes in choosing when to Develop, when to Trade and when to Sell for Coin.

Of course, you may not be aiming to win by amassing Coins and instead be seeking El Dorado and hoping to achieve victory by declaring 10 unique Resource cards. But it’s a high-risk strategy that observant players can spot and possibly thwart, or their rampant acquisition of Coin may simply be too fast to beat.

+ Rewards observant players.
+ Good production quality.
+ Supports up to Six players.
+ More than just a filler.
+ Meaningful choices.
+ High re-playability.
+ Language independent.

– Game-play is harder to explain than it should be.
– Two-player experience is lacking.
– Can take longer than expected.
– New players may not be competitive against old hands.

Passing Shot
I’ve enjoyed Mundus Novus whenever it’s hit the table, and victory is usually a close-run thing with plenty of meaningful and – at times – tough decisions to make. However, I sometimes feel that for the time invested I could have played a few lighter and funnier games or something heavier and more engaging.

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