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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“When Introducing This Game to Other Players”

I suggest when introducing this game to new players that you play through a sample turn or two with them to supplement your explanation. This game is much like 7 Wonders in that the mechanics are really simple, yet look extremely complicated from an outside perspective. I’ve found that as I introduce this to individuals, I see the light bulb click very quickly when I supplement the explanation with actual game play.

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“It's Called Trade *Master* for a Reason...”

The role of Trade Master is important to claiming victory as it has several benefits (choosing how many cards are traded, trading first, and choosing who picks developments first).

Therefore do not shy away from putting up Rare Resources or even Gold to secure the position of Trade Master for yourself, especially if Developments key to your strategy are available.

Early on, it’s greatly beneficial to offer Gold and high-value Resources for Trade in order to secure Trade Master and so gain first pick on a 1/2 Caravel/Ship Development. In the long run, that 1/2 Caravel/Ship will allow you to cherry-pick Rare and Gold cards in later Rounds, therefore again giving you access to both key cards for your goal and the Trade Master role in future.

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