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Triumvirate is a fast paced game for two that requires subtle hand management and card play to win. It is an indirect game where the players represent the leaders of Roman noble houses. These noble leaders will be maneuvering the mostly political and sometimes military struggles that will determine which of the triumvir (Caesar, Pompey and Crassus) will be crowned as Emperor while also building influence with the individual Triumvirate members. The game ends when an Emperor is crowned, the winner is the player with the most influence over the Emperor at the end of the game. You can try to win outright, but usually you'll have to manipulate your way to victory.

The innovative twists on trick taking make for a very satisfying, imperfect information game that really works for two players! The game is meaty enough to be a good "filler" for gamers, but subtle enough to be enjoyed by significant others.

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