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Cthulhu Dice

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OK…here’s the deal. I’m a collector. One of the things I collect are dice. How could I possibly pass up buying this game! I have one of each color (currently 9) and can’t wait for the next couple colors to come out. Sick…I know…but don’t tell me you don’t know someone like me…or are YOU like me? Kinda creepy.

Oh yea! Game review..sorry.

If you want the details of the rules, please see the previous posts. If you are familiar with Steve Jackson Games, it’s another stick it to your neighbor, be the last guy standing kind of game…except sometimes everyone loses(Cthulu wins). My kids (girls 8 & 11) love to stick it to there mom on game nights. I will also say that this is a fun little game you can throw in your game bag for those game lulls(admit it, you all have them)for a quick pickup, but lets look outside of the box…shall we?

The dice are gorgeous(love the glow dice), the game play simple…but have you played with a large group? Say 6-10?

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Castle Panic

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I’m not going to give an explaination of the game as you can read that above in the description. What I will do is tell of my experience playing the game.

I have 2 young girls age 11 and 8. Whenever we play games it’s the same old thing…big sister wins, rubs it in the little ones face, little one goes off to pout…but not anymore!

This little cooperative game has fixed this problem. Instead its “we won” or “we lost” with no hard feelings.
The game is simple to play with great artwork and enough action to keep them interested. As we play open handed, the older child has begun to “help” her sister pick out the best course of action for her turn. The girls Cringe when one of the boss monsters comes out and cheer when a boulder mows them down. It is a great introductory game as it combines dice rolling, hand management, and strategy in its play. I highly encourage those with younger gamers to give it a try!

PS. I spoke with the designers at GenCon Indy and an expansion is due out in November!

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