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Run, Fight, or Die! Zombie Horde Expansion

| Published: 2014
Expansion for Run Fight or Die!

The undead hordes are back! And this time they come in all shapes and sizes. Crawlers will sneak up on you. Runners are first seen in the distance, but before you know it they are right in front of you. And Brutes aren't any faster than your standard Walker, but boy, are they hard to kill.

Tired of just killing Walkers? Well, with Run, Fight, or Die! Zombie Horde Expansion now you have an assortment of zombies for Run, Fight, or Die! And to compensate for the game now being harder, each player can choose to have either a new skill or more Health Points.

Good luck, and may the best to die another day.

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“Shambling, crawling, and running - variety is a good thing”

The Zombie Horde Expansion adds some variety and altered mechanics to Run, Fight or Die!

You get a big pile of plastic representing three new zombie foes: the hulking Brute, the legless Crawler, and the speedy Runner. Each zombie is fairly easy to recognize and, as you play, you’ll quickly learn to casually identify them.

The Brute takes 2 points of damage – which must arrive as a single attack – to kill him. This makes him immune to bullets unless you get a card that increases bullet damage. He is a good target to run off the board.

The Crawler cannot be shot – too low to the ground, I guess. He is also a good run off candidate since he cannot be touched until he is in zone 1.

And then there is the runner. When zombies advance, he advances 2 zones, which means he is in zone one the first time he is moved.

I mentioned altered mechanics – well, really there is just one major change. Any time that you are instructed to place a zombie, you now need to draw a card. The card tells you the types of zombies to place – this is how the brutes, crawlers, and runners get introduced to the game. Crawlers are also sometimes introduced into zone 1.

Characters get some skill cards that allows players to make a minor customization to their character. You can opt to take 3 extra health, or you can take a skill. Skill range from getting one more re-roll, to being able to treat a single gun as a bat, etc.

All in all, I like it and recommend this expansion.


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