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The Spoils Trading Card Game - Board Game Box Shot

The Spoils Trading Card Game

| Published: 2006
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Enter the demented world of The Spoils and prepare for an experience that will redefine how you think about card games.

What is The Spoils?

The Spoils is perhaps the best TCG ever conceived. In 2001, a team of hardcore gamers, top-level pro players and veteran game developers locked themselves away in a small room to create the world's best trading card game. The Spoils was the result and, after five years of skillful testing, it was unleashed upon the world.

The Spoils is also the unique vision of a fantasy world gone terribly wrong. Sometimes comical, often bizarre, the dark whimsy and grisly humor of The Spoils is sure to delight and entertain.

If you resurrected JRR Tolkien, HP Lovecraft and Lewis Carroll, and then forced them to write an epic together, it might come out something like The Spoils.

Why should you play The Spoils?

Gamewise, The Spoils has gone to great lengths to put the player in control of the game, rather than the deck in control of the player. In general, the awesome game engine works like a dream - and we sincerely believe that the game is a cut above the rest.

Casual card gamers...

...The Spoils is for you! It's easy and intuitive. Most of what you need to play is right on the cards. The irreverent, unruly flavor of The Spoils is a blast to play with friends and always makes for a raucous good time.

Card game masters...

...The Spoils is for you too! Designed by pro players to provide the ultimate trading card game experience, The Spoils represents a much needed evolution of the genre. Designed to avoid the pitfalls that plague other games, The Spoils captures the best of skill-based and exciting game play. Is your brain big enough to handle the dizzying array of game play possibilities? The Spoils is everything you've always wanted a card game to be.

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I Walk the Talk!
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“Better Than Magic IMHO”

I am honestly suprised this game hasn’t become more popular. But I also bring that conclusion to the state of mind of most gamers and that is this; accessibility.

Gaming has reached the pinnacle that we had all hoped it would in our youth. But not for the reasons we had wished. Instead of getting more people for competition and relation it has come to elitism. And not in a good way. If doesn’t have a huge marketing campaign in every gaming store or website we see and doesn’t have reviews or people talking us into how to play before we buy it then why bother?

The Spoils I feel suffers from that. I’ve been into numerous game stores here in California asking about it and no one knows a thing. But bet your glass counters there are 20 kids with fresh carded, copy and paste decks they bought pre-constructed from some website that copied last year’s grand prix winners deck willing to play you for ante!

The Spoils I’ve experienced cuts that out. With the same card limits, but a larger deck requirment your synergy doesn’t mean squat. And the way the the turn sequence is played the game comes down now to strategy of the hands you’re dealt as opposed to what synergy you’ve read about online.

Sure there is probably something out there and I never understood the fascination with it. But it’s less likely to work. The fact your opponent has to be prepared during any point that you can attack, and you that he can respond, makes you seriously debate every potential play you make.

The game is built around more subtle playing of skills than synergy and exploitation, that it makes the game a bit more focused.


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