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Agent Hunter - Board Game Box Shot

Agent Hunter

| Published: 2013
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Hunt Enemy Agents Before They Hunt You!
The shadow games of spies and secret intelligence agencies have been played for decades. Ever increasing methods of detection lead to even more impressive methods of deception. Finding and eliminating opposing agencies’ resources can be a deadly game of cat and mouse, or more aptly put, cat and cat…

In Agent Hunter, 2 players act as rival agents attempting to eliminate their opponent’s safe houses, represented by face down cards. However, the closer you get to uncovering your target, the more you risk compromising your own position. Stealth and cunning are your greatest allies, for only agents that remain hidden in the shadows will survive the hunt.

Agent Hunter layout
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Rosetta Stone
21 of 23 gamers found this helpful
“Simple Filler - Great Restaurant Game”

I’m always looking out for games that can be played by my family and are simple to learn/teach. I love the idea of a spy themed game and since this game was listed as having an average playtime of 15 minutes, I figured it should fit the bill for our household.


The beauty of this game is its simplicity. It is a 2 player game in which each player receives 2 teams of spies consisting of player decks numbered 0 – 9 (and a picture of the spy corresponding to its number for thematic purposes)and 5 chits per player that are used for changing spies out of their safe house and back into player hands. Each player lays 3 of their spies face down, representing 3 safehouses in the field. The other player presents a spy from their hand or safe house in an attempt to match the number of their spy to that of their opponent. If the challenge is successful and there is a match, the player who had been guessed looses a safe house. Play continues until all 3 safe houses are revealed. This is essentially the game (obviously there are more rules but this lays out general gameplay).


This is a microgame put out by the king of microgames, AEG. The game consists of 22 cards, 10 cardboard chits, a box, and a rule sheet. The cards themselves form the majority of the components for this game. They are beautifully illustrated and are quality cardstock in standard 2.5 x 3.5. The chits are coloured to match player decks (Blue and Red) and are decorated to look like the rear reticle of a scope trained on an enemy agent. The instructions are clear and concise .


This game is excellent for what it is intended to be, a quick filler, or a light family game. Don’t make the mistake of picking up this game while looking for an indepth whodunnit style game, it simply isn’t here. The game is simple and light enough for children to play together, or adults to play with their children. I would recommend this alongside other games like Love Letter or Lost Legacy. Nice little filler game to play while you wait for your waiter to bring your dinner.

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“Memorize cards with numbers on them”

Agent Hunter is as paper thin as it gets. You take one game mechanic…….and that being memory. And you apply it to a concept……that concept being eliminating secret agents. And you take the simplest components. Not dice, not even a game board but just some cards with some really cool comic book style art work on it and then you have Agent Hunter.

The only strategy there really is, is switching your safe house cards. That is it. This game is meant for you play while you’re waiting in line or waiting for your food. Or waiting for something else to happen. This is the definition of a filler game because you can teach it within a minute and then your games will last no longer than 10 minutes at most.

Filler games are great to have. This one on the other hand really loses its theme value very fast. The only time you feel the theme is when you are doing too good of a job trying to explain the rules. After that, you give it a few plays and then you will be done playing it for a while.

There are better 2 player games out there.

I’ll give it a 3 out of 10 for nice artwork and effort.

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“A game of memory and not much else”

In this card game two players square off attempting to eliminate agents of an opponent.

Each has 10 cards (numbered 0-9) and puts down three cards in front of them face down. Players take turns guessing the numbers of the cards and receiving information on whether the actual number is higher or lower. Three times per game cards that are about to be guessed can be taken back into the hand and a new one placed face down.

This game did not engage me at all. I found it too math-focused (and I like math) with the theme pasted on. Not a lot of fun, not much excitement, just calculating probability of numbers being there.

If you are looking for a similar card game I would recommend the much more engaging Love Letter. If you’re looking for a two-player game – Dungeon Roll would be an improvement over this one.


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