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Arcane Legions: Two-Player Starter Set - Board Game Box Shot

Arcane Legions: Two-Player Starter Set

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The year is 37 BCE. The Roman Empire, Egyptian Imperium, and Han Dynasty battle for control of a magically ravaged world using legions of men and monsters, warriors and sorceresses, undead and gods.

In the Arcane Legions game, players arrange and rearrange figures on unique formation bases to change tactics on the fly. Movement and combat is fast and deadly, using an abstracted movement system and a simple dice-off mechanic that will have you sending hundreds of figures to their deaths in under two hours!

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My First Heart
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“this game started with a bang”

i took off in the augusta area like a rocket. then it died in a short period of time. a fellow gamer went to pax east and said these guys had a booth but no one … not even the devs…. showed up for it.


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