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Killer Bunnies is a tough game to review. On one hand, it does everything wrong. It’s extremely random, has unintuitive rules, and takes a long time to complete. (It can clock in at over 5 hours with every expansion.) These are the same elements of some of the most despised games like Monopoly and LIFE.
But with the right group, Killer Bunnies works. If everyone at the table is a gamer who appreciates chaos in their games, this is about as enjoyable as you can get. It’s one of those games that can create so many good stories, where the best strategist can have his board wiped and the guy who’s in last can pull off a huge upset.
The game’s about journey, not destination. If you’re one of those gamers who plays to win, stay away. If you can enjoy just spending time with your friends using the game as a social link, this is the perfect game (especially if you’re pop culture savvy).

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This is one of those games that make gaming in general look poor. While garbage like this is a staple in almost every household gaming in general is going to be held back as a respectable hobby.
The problem is that this is one of those games that everybody owns and knows how to play. This would be great if the game was a good game but UNO is just a remake of an already poor standard poker-deck game with very minor enhancements. This game should only be used as a step-up for children to develop strategy in gaming after graduating from Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. In that regard, it’s great; but adults shouldn’t enjoy something with so little substance.

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