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Killer Bunnies: Quest – Green Booster - Board Game Box Shot

Killer Bunnies: Quest – Green Booster

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We don’t want to split “hares,” but we have no choice with our Half Color Bunnies. Featuring the weird world of the Zodiac, the Green Booster Deck adds 55 cards to your existing set, plus a 12-sided Zodiac die!

Other fantastic cards include: Snowball which will send a chill down your spine, Fingercuffs to promote teamwork, Leif Carrotson to send your bunnies on a journey around The Bunny Circle, Zodiac Terminator (he’ll be back!), and Albino Baby 5000 the world’s most powerful radiation protector (and sun tan lotion).

Can you survive the messy Mudslide or an attack from multi-vengeful 7th Whisk? Try reviving bunnies with Day Of The Dead. This lean, mean and very Green Booster Deck delivers “scorpious” strategy on an astrological scale!

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“You gotta go Green!”

After reviewing KB Quest recently for the site – I realized that the full potential of the Killer Bunnies game isn’t really realized until you add in many of the expansions.

In this review I will cover KB GREEN – the fourth expansion set to KB Quest.

So if you don’t know how to play Killer Bunnies, I wont explain it now. If you are interested please read more on its page on this website.

What’s New?
KB Green introduces some amazing new fun to the game, new bunnies, weapons and a new game mechanic – the Zodiac is introduced. New with this expansion…

– 5 Half Color Bunnies that make getting Bunny Triplet easier,
– New weapons from a Level 13 “Snowball” to Level 16 “Leviathan”
– More new Special and Very Special cards
– And the introduction of The Zodiac, small Zodiac cards and the Zodiac die.

Gameplay Effects: (Um.. What just happened? )
KB Quest had gone Green!! Here are the key game additions…

KB Green adds 12 cards that represent each sign of the Zodiac and lists beginning and end dates for that sign. These cards along with the small sized Zodiac cards, add a new end-of-game mechanic that really packs a punch. It also opened up development for new in play cards that keep the turn-to-turn game play fresh and unpredictable. Ready?

Before the game, you shuffle the small Zodiac cards (just like the small Carrot cards) and place them to the side. During the game, when a player draws a Zodiac card they place it in front of them immediately and face up.

At the end of the game, just before the Magic Carrot is revealed, the bottom Zodiac card is revealed, and the player who has that sign has the “winning” Zodiac. Here’s what that player gets to do…

– That player may switch a Bunny from one player to another. (This is huge because it can eliminate a player from winning – (you have to have a Bunny to win with the magic Carrot).

– If that sign is the player’s ACTUAL Zodiac sign, that player can take 3 carrots from the player with the most. This doesn’t assure a victory, but it’s a huge last minute shift of power.

– Finally, if that sign is the player’s ACTUAL sign, and it’s the current sign (Matching the actual date the game is being played) then that player gets to take all but one Carrot from all other players. What???

Ok that last one is pretty broken – but when you play with the Zodiac, you are asking for it. There are also Run Special and Very Special cards that key off the Zodiac, and the Zodiac die acts as a randomizer to initiate these effects and target players that own the specific Zodiac cards.

One incredibly ridiculous example is the card: “Zodiac Terminator.” A Players rolls all the dice and the Zodiac die – if any of the numbered dice show the day of the current month, then the player holding the card matching Zodiac die roll has to discard everything and start the game over.

The game also adds Half Color Bunnies that as their name indicates, are two colors combined – once again (this is a common expansion theme) making it easier for players to play twice in a turn.

Value: (Kaboom! )
KB Green is still around $10, but it is harder to find. If you can get it and the gameplay additions sound like fun, go for it!

Overall Review: (Perfect Mayhem)
Compared to all the expansions I have played with this one really sets things on their ear. But it also marks, in my opinion, a healthy chaotic place for the KB Quest Game. The Green expansion with its Zodiac mechanics fits in well with the previous expansions, but after this, the expansion start to stray a bit but less focused, (with the possible exception “Steel”).

Let’s face it; you are playing Killer Bunnies because you enjoy the mayhem, the random action, the ridiculousness. KB Green gives a player the epitome of that. It adds a fresh new targeting mechanic in the Zodiac and some great new card effects. BUT, there is a certain point when a game looses its consistency and becomes so much a parody of itself that playing is no longer enjoyable, because it has lost the validity. I mean when a game becomes too random, then why play? Lets have everyone just roll a die and the highest roll wins. It saves a couple of hours and saves a lot of shuffling.

KB Green is the expansion that walks on the edge of this precipice WITHOUT going over. It retains what made KB Quest fun in the first place and shakes things up so that you will still be screaming YES! or NO! at the end of the game – but only because your time was still well spent – not because you feel cheated by the myriad of random rules.

Get Green it’s a blast.

Coming up next… KB Twilight White


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