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Build the amusement park of your dreams!

Haven’t you always wanted to design your own amusement park? Maybe give it a Robot or Vampire theme, deck it out with thrilling rides, and hire some loyal staff to make sure everything runs smoothly? In Unfair, you’ll get that chance! When you’re not battling the city as they try to shut you down, or the other players looking to steal your hard earned customers, you can actually customize your rides to make the park of your dreams! You can add in some theatres and restaurants, and definitely don’t forget the comfortable seating and air conditioning. You may even get the chance to hire a licensed character as a mascot, or do some viral marketing to get people to come through the gates. At the end of the day, it’s all about tickets sales. So look out for the competition and don’t be afraid to cause a little trouble for them. Life is Unfair, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be too!

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“Don't lose your head, keep your hands and arms inside the game.”

Are you a theme park enthusiast? Can’t afford to travel though? If you like the thrill of the ride and have always thought I wish I could build a theme park…then you should pop over to the “Unfair” by Joel Finch with @coolminiornot and #goodgamespublishing This game has become a new delight in our gatherings. At first, I was daunted, but on the second play through the simplicity of the system became evident once the options didn’t seem overwhelming. If you have a more advanced gamer to help get you started than this game is a lot of fun for all ranges of playing. As long as you don’t have a person debilitated by making choices the game can flow pretty quickly. You only have 8 rounds to build your park so act quick, be nimble, and keep your eyes on the prize, not just the cash. The first time through can seem slow, try not to stress about your choices in gameplay though. two quick matches will teach you more about the game than one really slow long one. Don’t be afraid to get mean to other players, but you can also win by just buckling your head down and avoiding trouble.They have created a fun variation on the deck building platform. Build thrilling rides, awesome sideshows and food emporiums to slake the thirst and entertain the masses. But watch out, fate in this city isn’t always kind, and your competition sometimes employs dubious methods to rig the city hall worse than your midway games. Can you twist and turn and rattle your way to victory? Do you think you can sell more cotton candy than this fat kid? Go ahead and step right up, everyone’s a winner in the Unfair!

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“Quite unfair ! Need balance ?”

I was sold a strategic game : build your own theme park, and manage it to get the best score… Actually it’s not, it’s a party game. Because of the players events.
A game turn is always the same : players draw 1 event, the game draw 1 event (applied to all players), players can play as many events they want, and then, all players have 3 actions (sometimes 4, upon conditions) to either
– take a card from the board (attractions, upgrades, etc; or events; or special objectives); – construct a card; – collect money from open attractions. After all the actions, all players collect money for guests in their park and open attractions and the board is reset.

The problem is that the events are such a powerful nuisance to other players that it is impossible to plan a strategy as you are going to be blocked by the others. The game events can be an advantage for all the players; or a nuisance for all the players. However, the nuisance is ALWAYS on the coins. And coins are necessary to build attractions or upgrade. During the game we made, between the players and the game, nobody could install a stable coin generator… Ok, we played super aggressive, but the game allows this kind of play, and if 1 player plays that way, all players are kind of forced to follow.

Will try again without the player event, or with a limit to the number of cards event played, but I have a bad feeling about the fairness of the game.

Great party game, however, as we laughed a lot ! 🙂


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