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Shadows Amsterdam

7 out of 7 gamers thought this was helpful

Divided in 2 teams, the aim of this game is simple : be the fastest team to reach 3 checkpoints and then an exit. With context, you are 2 teams of private investigators, and only the first to bring back 3 clues (checkpoints) to the client (exit) will get paid. Real time game, without turn, the suspense is intense and you have to be precise to make yourself clear… As you are private investigators, you want to avoid the police, as they will delay you. Meet the police 3 times and your team is out !

Each team has a leader, who knows where the clues and the client are. Some clues are shared between the 2 teams, but otherwise, all the info are specific to each team. The leader ca only send images to help his teammate to move in the city. Either you move 1 square, and give them 1 image to analyze; or 2 squares, and give them 2 images related to the target ! But you share the images with the other team leader. Up to you to be efficient and grab the right image before the other…

Pros and Cons : you have to be connected with your team as the images are to be interpreted, as in Dixit or Mysterium. It’s either an advantage if you know well the people, or a big problem if you play with them for the first time.
Rules are simple to understand, however quite difficult to explain. The best is to play a first game and see what happens.
The game is fast paced as it’s real time, and a set is usually finished in 15 minutes. You have to win 2 sets to win the game, so basically, a game is 45mn long maximum.
The anthropomorphic people on the images are, in my opinion, well designed (but it’s a matter of taste). Images and boards are quite limited, so it’s a con for the replay value, but as you change teams and people you play with, it can be not that important.

Definitly a game I like to play after a big session, to lighten the mood of everybody and relax the brain.

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4 out of 7 gamers thought this was helpful

The idea is great, on the paper. Each faction has his own objectives, own way to play, own way to win. A real asymetric game, where everybody is against everyone else.
It is a very strategic game where you try to make your faction advance, and at the same time, try to block the others. The main obstacle is you have to know each faction beforehand the pay in order to be able to survey their progression. Otherwise, the game is just luck and absolutely not strategy.
Moreover, you have to specify which faction are to be played, depending of the number of players. Some faction are really cheated when played against specific factions. Even if it is asymetrical, some factions are easier to control and to block, when played against the right faction… (I’m not sure I made myself clear).

However, the components of the game are beautiful, no problem with the punch board, enough meeple (quite cute actually, different for each faction) and the ratio price/weight is good (i.e. there’s a lot of material inside the box).

Go to the Happy Salmon page

Happy Salmon

4 out of 5 gamers thought this was helpful

Great party game, played up and not around a table… Try to find someone with the same card as you in order to discard it.
You will have to shout the name of the card, and listen to the others. When you found someone, do the gesture, discard, and take the next card. The winner is the one who has discarded all his cards !
Really fast to learn, fast to play, easy to play with kids (and they are often better than adults). Not convinced that the game has a big replay value, but I had fun playing the game !

Go to the Unfair page


I was sold a strategic game : build your own theme park, and manage it to get the best score… Actually it’s not, it’s a party game. Because of the players events.
A game turn is always the same : players draw 1 event, the game draw 1 event (applied to all players), players can play as many events they want, and then, all players have 3 actions (sometimes 4, upon conditions) to either
– take a card from the board (attractions, upgrades, etc; or events; or special objectives); – construct a card; – collect money from open attractions. After all the actions, all players collect money for guests in their park and open attractions and the board is reset.

The problem is that the events are such a powerful nuisance to other players that it is impossible to plan a strategy as you are going to be blocked by the others. The game events can be an advantage for all the players; or a nuisance for all the players. However, the nuisance is ALWAYS on the coins. And coins are necessary to build attractions or upgrade. During the game we made, between the players and the game, nobody could install a stable coin generator… Ok, we played super aggressive, but the game allows this kind of play, and if 1 player plays that way, all players are kind of forced to follow.

Will try again without the player event, or with a limit to the number of cards event played, but I have a bad feeling about the fairness of the game.

Great party game, however, as we laughed a lot ! 🙂

Go to the The Mind page

The Mind

Great fan of ‘The Game’, I was thrilled to try “The mind”. It’s an experience! But I didn’t get it.
I like cooperative games, even Magic Maze, where you are not allowed to discuss strategy with your partners. But in this game, there is no strategy possible. It’s just observation and luck to play your card at the right time.
Maybe it works better with people who know well each others, but when playing with complete strangers, the difficulty is very high!
ANd of course, there is not really a solo mode.

Won’t try it again, but I agree it’s an experience.

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