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Shadows Amsterdam - Board Game Box Shot

Shadows Amsterdam

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Follow the clues. Solve the case.

Amsterdam, nowadays.

An offense was committed. Over the last days, the police investigation languished. Your detective agency is required to speed it up, but your main rivals are also sent on the case.

In Shadows, each detective team drives around the city to find three clues then bring them back to its sponsor, before the other team. In each team, an informer sends visual tips to discreetly direct its detectives as fast as possible.

Shadows is a fast deduction game for all kind of players. From short rules and simple gameplay, feel the tension of the real-time competition.

Important! To complete the investigation, stay out the way of the police...

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“Fan of Dixit or Mysterium? This game is for you”

Divided in 2 teams, the aim of this game is simple : be the fastest team to reach 3 checkpoints and then an exit. With context, you are 2 teams of private investigators, and only the first to bring back 3 clues (checkpoints) to the client (exit) will get paid. Real time game, without turn, the suspense is intense and you have to be precise to make yourself clear… As you are private investigators, you want to avoid the police, as they will delay you. Meet the police 3 times and your team is out !

Each team has a leader, who knows where the clues and the client are. Some clues are shared between the 2 teams, but otherwise, all the info are specific to each team. The leader ca only send images to help his teammate to move in the city. Either you move 1 square, and give them 1 image to analyze; or 2 squares, and give them 2 images related to the target ! But you share the images with the other team leader. Up to you to be efficient and grab the right image before the other…

Pros and Cons : you have to be connected with your team as the images are to be interpreted, as in Dixit or Mysterium. It’s either an advantage if you know well the people, or a big problem if you play with them for the first time.
Rules are simple to understand, however quite difficult to explain. The best is to play a first game and see what happens.
The game is fast paced as it’s real time, and a set is usually finished in 15 minutes. You have to win 2 sets to win the game, so basically, a game is 45mn long maximum.
The anthropomorphic people on the images are, in my opinion, well designed (but it’s a matter of taste). Images and boards are quite limited, so it’s a con for the replay value, but as you change teams and people you play with, it can be not that important.

Definitly a game I like to play after a big session, to lighten the mood of everybody and relax the brain.


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