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Killer Bunnies: Quest – Twilight White Booster - Board Game Box Shot

Killer Bunnies: Quest – Twilight White Booster

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killer bunnies

Blast off with a Bunnies Booster Deck that definitely contains The White Stuff! The Twilight White Booster Deck adds 55 cards to your existing set, 2 more Pawns, and a White twelve-sided die!

Other fantastic cards include: Calcite Conundrum which doubles the amount of cards you play each turn, Blue Angels to defend against airborne dangers, Melding which forces you to exchange cards, Return to Sender which can save your bunnies from dastardly fates, and 50/50 weapons where your only defense is your feel for the dice!

Use your mental powers to survive Psychic Waves or team up against an opponent’s bunny by using Mob Hit. Whatever you do, avoid the Dueling Grandmothers at all costs! This Booster Deck is tight, it’s White, and it’s got some bite!

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“An Expansion... and it's White.”

After reviewing KB Quest recently for the site – I realized that the full potential of the Killer Bunnies game isn’t really realized until you add in many of the expansions.

Noticing that some (but not all) of the expansions are presented here, I would like to offer information and review each specific expansion, their components and their affect on adding them to the Blue/Yellow Starter Set – and in chronological order of release.

In this review I will cover KB TWILIGHT WHITE – the fifth expansion set to KB Quest.

So if you don’t know how to play Killer Bunnies, I wont explain it now. If you are interested, please read more on its page on this website.

What’s New?
Twilight White introduces no new major game mechanics to the game but does include some new Run Cards that have some effective powers. Included in this expansion are…

– 5 New “Half Color” Bunnies
– New high powered weapons from a Level 17 “ Plant Spores” to Level 20 “Psychic Waves”
– Two 50/50 Weapon cards
– And new Run, Special and Very special cards like “Cloning” and “Zodiac Thief.”

The game also includes a new White Pawn and a White D12.

Gameplay Effects: (Not much new here)
There are no new major gameplay mechanics in this expansion. There is one new card type and several potent Run cards.

The new card type is a 50/50 Weapon. This is played just like all other weapons except when played the owner rolls two dice and the target player has to guess which dice will have the higher number. An incorrect guess means a dead bunny.

There is also a white Pawn included in the set and works just as other Pawns do (being purchased at Weil’s Pawn Shop) but the player who buys the Pawn may declare its color as soon as it is purchased. This enables a player to have two pawns of the same color. Meaning that P-cards of that color can be played TWO additional times, They act as Two Bunnies of that color for the purposes of determining a Bunny Triplet. And Orange Die rolls aimed at the player can be re-rolled twice.

Some featured cards in the set are the “Calcite Conundrum” which allow a player to play with two sets of Top and Bottom Run cards, effectively gaining that player two turns in a row. The “Weapon Booster” which raises the level of a Weapon card by a number rolled on a black d12. (Potentially guaranteeing a hit.) “Pawn Recall” which returns all Pawns to the Pawn Shop, and a fun Weapon Card “Psychic Waves”: a Level 20 Weapon, that hits the player if they don’t correctly guess (Psychically) one of 6 symbols secretly written down by the player who played the weapon. It then continues around the Bunny Circle 5 more times.

Value: (Completists Only)
This expansion is priced the same as all the other expansions (Around $10) but offers very little in the way of new Bunny coolness.

Overall Review: (Meh.. not bad… but…)
After adding Orange and Green expansions to the mix of gameplay options for my play group – and excited to see what great mechanics would appear in the next expansion, Twilight White left us a bit cold. Sure there are some great new cards, and they do play well with the previously established Pawn and Zodiac mechanics. But there just wasn’t enough new solid gameplay to excite. The White (Wild) pawn is cool, but just detracts from the strategies established in KB ORANGE. Rule breakers…

Another example are the 50/50 Weapons – that only add an additional level of luck to the effectiveness of a newly named weapon. In this case, you get the feeling that this addition wasn’t added for any deep strategic purpose, but to simply offer a not-so-creative variation of the Weapons cards. Adding more randomness to a game that has luck as one of its main components, simply makes the game more weightless, and unchallenging. Too much luck involved in a game makes players disheartened as the game careens out of their control.

So it is with Twilight White. In my opinion it just makes the game more convoluted and doesn’t feed or fix any of the previously established mechanics. Be wary of expansions simply for an expansion’s sake. (Hmm… what color should we do next and what witty puns can we create?) And I am afraid that is what KB White achieves.

Next up… Stainless Steel.


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